So. You want to run a webinar?

HEw, the Webinar Services division of the well-respected HealthEconomics.Com, helps you


  • generate leads
  • connect with the right audience
  • drive sales
  • deliver results


Our Turn-Key Webinar Marketing Package takes the stress off of you by managing every step, from inception of the idea, to marketing the webinar, handling all the technical details, to providing metrics demonstrating success.

You Probably Thought Running Webinars Was...

...too intimidating

...too time-consuming

...too technical

Running your webinar using
HealthEconomics.Com Webinar Services is easy!

"I’ve given a lot of webinars, and this experience with HealthEconomics.Com and their platform was by far the best I’ve ever experienced."

Senior professional at CRO

Registrants and attendance to
HEw-managed webinars exdeeds industry standards!

  • Average 250 registrants
  • >50% attendance
  • Successful on-demand viewing

Take your webinar from good to great!

Here are some tips written by Dr. Patti Peeples, Founder and CEO of HealthEconomics.Com, offering pointers that can help you better prepare, improve your delivery, and keep your audience engaged!

When you purchase a webinar package, you get:

Access to our professional webinar platform


Dedicated Webinar Marketing Manager to help you through every step


Professional Moderator (optional)


Promotion and Advertising consultation


Clear time-lines for deliverables


Thorough support and training for you and your speakers leading up to and during the event


Access to our 20,000+ Connected CommunityTM for email marketing, website, and newsletter promotion


"I was extremely impressed with the quality of the faculty and content. This program was amazing!"

VP of HEOR, Big Pharma

Webinars provide:

Direct, live contact with your audience (video options available)

A showcase for your business as a recognized authority

Lead generation for business development

Education and promotion of company, person, product

Understanding of client needs, based on polls and questions

Time and money savings in the sales process

SEO benefits through promotion and on-demand webinar indexing

Our webinar success stories!

Sample Webinars Conducted by HEw:

  • P4P Drug Pricing
  • Next Generation of Registries and Real-world Evidence
  • 5 Best Practices for Systematic Reviews
  • Real World Evidence Pharma-Payer Partnerships
  • HEOR Communication Tools
  • Electronic Health Records and Electronic Data Collection for Market Access

Viewing the above webinar examples requires completing a short registration form.



Promotion Only Package






Webinar only, no advertising package included.

Webinar plus advertising live and on-demand webinar.

Webinar plus advertising live webinar.

1 webinar.

1 webinar, 6 weeks run-of-site advertising, 2 eBlasts, 10 social media posts.

1 webinar, 6 weeks run-of-site advertising, 3 eBlasts, 14 social media posts.

All webinar packages include:

  • Email automation
    • registration confirmation
    • multiple reminders prior to webinar
    • post event emails containing archive link
  • Mobile support
  • Multiple presenters/panelists
  • Lead management
  • Practice sessions
  • Audience interaction
  • Real-time analytics
  • Handouts
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Session recording
  • Custom branding


Have your own webinar service but just want to drive attendance? We do that too.
Download the Media Pak here for a full array of advertising options.

Who will you reach?

Professionals across the globe! With webinars you can reach all of our audience, regardless of their location!

US: 58%

UK: 10%

Rest of Europe: 13%





Professionals in HEOR,
Market Access, and Medical Affairs!

HEOR/Medical Affairs: 47%

Market Access: 14%

Academia: 13%

Clinical: 9%



Decision-makers with budget authority!

VP/Director: 29%

CEO/President: 12%

Mgr/Analyst: 29%

Provider: 5%




Ready to generate leads and drive sales?

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  • Click here for a FAQ on Webinars by HealthEconomics.Com Webinar Services

    What webinar Platform do you use?

    We use the well-respected Citrix GoToWebinar platform, rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Capterra.Com. TopTenReviews.Com says “GoToWebinar is excellent webinar software with solid features and a multi-language capability that extends to the interface and chat.”


    What does the Basic Package include?

    The Basic Package includes all necessary support for 1 live webinar.  Each live webinar includes:


    • Duration of up to 90 minutes
    • Attendance of up to 10000 viewers
    • Present live or simu-live video
    • Interactivity tools
    • Fully brandable platform
    • On-line support and presenter prep
    • Event monitoring
    • Moderating, at no extra cost


    What does a typical promotional package include?

    In the Professional Package, you get 6 weeks of run-of-site website advertising on HealthEconomics.Com (includes advertising in our weekly General Newsletter), 2 eBlasts to 20,000 HEOR professionals, and 10 social media posts  This is optional.


    Because up to 30% of webinar attendance occurs in the post-webinar timeframe (viewing on-demand version), we offer and encourage you to consider purchasing our Premium Package. The Premium Package includes an additional 2 weeks of website run-of-site advertising (including General Newsletter promotion), 1 additional eBlast, and additional Social Media promotion. This allows you to maximize your ROI on the webinar and continue to generate leads.


    Can I buy just one ad or eBlast or do I have to buy a year’s worth of advertising?

    Promote as much or as little as you like. Buy one or many types of advertising, or get an Annual Marketing Partnership. We’re nothing if not flexible, and we understand your budgets!


    Does HealthEconomics.Com do content development for the webinar?
    Yes we can. Our separate division, HE Institute, is our content development arm. We would create a separate proposal for this service.


    Will HealthEconomics.Com help with the web-related logistics of the webinar?
    Yes! We handle it all.


    Does HealthEconomics.Com have any metrics on past webinar registration and attendance?
    Yes, average number of registrants is 250, and we typically have about 51% attendance. This vastly exceeds industry standards of 35-40% attendance (source: On24).


    Does HealthEconomics.Com provide any type of guarantee on the number of participants we can expect?
    No, we don’t guarantee a number of participants. Our metrics generally show that we get about 50% or more registrants to attendees. The industry average is 35-40% (source: On24).


    How much lead time is typically required?
    We would recommend 6-8 weeks of lead time for planning purposes depending on scope: Content development, advertising campaign scheduling, HTML email blast development (messaging) and graphic content development.


    Does the webinar include a moderator from HealthEconomics.com who will introduce our speaker and field questions?
    Dr. Patti Peeples would be delighted to moderate your webinar, if desired.


    Can we get a copy of the webinar to archive on our website?
    es. You will receive an MP4 copy of the complete webinar, and HealthEconomics.Com will archive the webinar on our website (Webinar Archives page).


    What do I need to send you to get started?


    • Title of Webinar
    • Time
    • Date
    • Synopsis
    • Speaker bios/credentials/email addresses
    • Company logos
    • Which Registration Fields to fill? (First name, Last name, email address, company name, title, address)
    • Wording for email notification with confirmation of webinar registration, if desired beyond basic response.


    We have a small staff. Can you help us design ads or eblasts?
    Yes! We have a content creation division called HE Institute. We have been leaders in this field for decades, and we understand your audience and know what they want from an advertiser!


    It sounds interesting, but I need more information first.

    You’re thorough, and we like that! Download our Media Pak here to learn more about us. Or, email us directly at sales@healtheconomics.com or call us at 904-838-1782. We’re here every step of the way.