HE Institute is the only Creation Lab for the HEOR & Market Access arena that can create, test, and deliver content to your worldwide target audience on multiple platforms, using the vast global link of HealthEconomics.Com’s digital hub.  No other communications group can create AND deliver multiple types of content on healthcare value as efficiently and comprehensively as HE Institute – The Creation LabTM, using the HealthEconomics.Com platform.

By leveraging this extensive CONNECTED COMMUNITY™, HE Institute – the Creation LabTM draws upon its knowledge of health economics, market access, digital graphics, medical writing, video and television advertising, social media, marketing, and unparalleled experience of more than 20 years of digital communications within the HEOR arena to create marketing and scientific products for you.

If you want marketing and scientific collateral for the HEOR & Market Access healthcare value audience of payers, providers, researchers, policy-makers, or patients, contact HE Institute – The Creation LabTM.

We develop.

  • Print media:  manuscripts, slide decks, abstracts, and posters for provider and payer community

  • White Papers: content development, layout, dissemination, lead generation, impact assessment

  • Webinar and Conference services (live/in-person, or virtual): topic development, speaker recruitment, content creation, pre/post event marketing.

  • Educational tools: stand-alone or supplementary documents to improve message delivery for providers, payers, patients, other stakeholders

  • Marketing messaging: for pharma products, service providers, payers, or patient-facing materials

  • Surveys

  • Market research/survey tools for HEOR & Market Access (researchers, payers, policy makers)

  • Blog postings to deliver messages and drive website traffic

  • Social media consulting and content creation



Do you...

  • Have research to publish, but don’t have time to write (or edit, submit, vet it)?

  • Need to analyze a market space for HEOR, pricing, or reimbursement opportunities?

  • Need to conduct webinar, but don’t have the time or knowledge?

  • Need to turn a recent manuscript or presentation into a marketing tool?

  • Have research reports and data but don’t know how to make it connect with your audience?

  • Need a slide deck that summarizes our company, product, or market?

  • Need a consulting company marketing strategy that differentiates?

  • Need a website to be updated with HEOR-relevant tools to drive more traffic?

  • Desire to write a blog, but don’t have the time?

  • Have experts on staff but find it difficult to get them to share knowledge with customers?

HE Institute - The Creation LabTM: Creating. Communicating. Connecting.

At HE Institute – The Creation LabTM, we bring together our health economics marketing experts who have decades of experience in digital content, video, medical writing, HEOR research, and more to turn your content into action, so you connect with your community, every day.

Contact Dr. Patti Peeples, Principal Researcher at HE Institute – The Creation LabTM, and CEO of HealthEconomics.Com to discuss your challenge and find a solution.