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HEOR Salaries: Big Growth in Certain Sectors. Where Do You Stand?


2017 HEOR & Market Access Salaries show big growth in key areas of Pricing, Market Access, and HEOR-focused Medical Communications.

Just-released results from the bi-annual Global Salary Survey for HEOR & Market Access by HealthEconomics.Com show that 2017 median annual base salaries, excluding bonuses and benefits, experienced big growth in certain job titles and areas of focus, while other areas held steady.


The survey is based on 456 respondents, representing 200+ organizations, 36 countries, and every major job sector employing healthcare value researchers. HealthEconomics.Com undertakes this extensive survey in order to encourage transparent, optimal, and fair compensation for this important segment of the healthcare industry. We ask hard questions, like is there gender or ethnic bias in salaries, and what countries pay the highest or lowest for similar jobs. Thank you for being part of the conversation!

Salary growth mirrors the industry focus on value-based real-world research to achieve market access through innovative pricing and reimbursement strategies, as well as the burgeoning medical device field.  Overall, Biopharma sector salaries for HEOR held steady over 2015 (but grew in Pricing & Reimbursement, Market Access, and Medical Affairs), while respondents working for CROs reported slightly lower salaries in 2017 vs 2015, on average. Salary growth was positive for HEOR-oriented employees in the MarComm agencies, indicating the importance of well-crafted communication tools containing value-based research.

In terms of salaries by position, individuals holding the title of Vice President with HEOR responsibilities saw a 12% increase in median salary, while Manager level salaries decreased 12%. Does this suggest the importance of HEOR/MA employees getting those C-Suite skills in order to get big salary growth? We think so. Job titles holding steady since 2015 include Director (all levels), Analyst, and Health Outcomes Liaison.

Positions with specific focus on RWE, Market Access, PRO, and Pricing/Reimbursement (as opposed to the more general HEOR focus or title) increased substantially.

The 2017 Survey showed an absolute increase in the proportion of survey respondents claiming a focus in Pricing/Reimbursement (P&R) by 6%, while the percent of respondents in each of the following – RWE, HEOR-focused Medical Communications, and Medical Affairs – doubled.  Market Access respondents median salaries were 38% higher than 2015, and P&R respondents were 15% higher!

Click here to learn more, download the Executive Summary, and purchase your copy of the 2017 Global Salary Survey for HEOR & Market Access. Buy the 2015 report at a discount, too.

Global Salary Survey for HEOR & Market Access Table of ContentsMaybe you’re an individual employee, and you want to make sure your salary is optimized. Well, we have something for you too.  New this year is a Customized HE Salary Calculator, allowing you to compare YOUR salary, bonus, and benefits to the rest of the respondents! Get your own personalized analysis here.  The Final Report includes dozens of extensive cross-tabulated tables showing median salary by key variables including country, job sector, degree, job title, experience level, and more.

This 2017 Global Salary Survey for HEOR & Market Access is the only worldwide compensation survey specifically for the HEOR and Market Access field, providing strategic compensation planning data that allows you to:

  • Benchmark compensation (as an individual, or as a company);
  • Negotiate salarybonuses, and benfits with data. Stop overpaying or undervaluing!
  • Improve competitiveness in the marketplace;
  • Recruit and retain top talent or ensure you get that next job, paid fairly;
  • Address gender and ethnic diversity;
  • Understand views toward job satisfaction; and,
  • Achieve organization goals as a desirable place to work.

The 2017 Global Salary Survey for HEOR & Market Access includes:

  • 88-page report on the current salary and compensation trends across sectors, job position, years of experience and role.
  • 60 tables/charts
  • Insights and interpretations stratified by job sector, geography, years of experience, and more.
  • Data on key skillsets to progress the career, negotiating tactics and understanding of the existing work culture in the industry.

Represents All Major Employment Sectors:

  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Medical device companies
  • Consulting
  • Contract research organizations
  • Medical communications agencies
  • Health technology assessment organizations
  • Academia

Contains Comprehensive Insights on:

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Bonuses
  • Raises
  • Job satisfaction
  • Key skill areas
  • Gender and ethnic discrimination

 The 2017 Global Salary Survey for HEOR & Market Access stands alone as the most comprehensive guide to compensation and benefits in our industry. Don’t miss out on these insights and the new Customized HE Salary Calculator!

While you’re at it, view, post, or search a job on the HE Jobs Portal.




Thank you for being part of the conversation to ensure transparent and optimal compensation for HEOR, Market Access, and Medical Affairs! Your team at HealthEconomics.Com is dedicated to providing insights on this and all issues related to our profession.  Leave your comments below, or contact us for more information

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Job Market for HEOR & Market Access: Success Strategies

hot-jobs1The job market for HEOR, Market Access, Medical Affairs, and Real World Evidence is as hot as an Arizona airport jetway! There is no shortage of jobs for individuals with skills in health economics, outcomes research, value assessment, informatics and data analytics, medical affairs, and related fields. Whether your interest is in product commercialization, early phase research, business development, or customer communications, if you speak “healthcare value”, then there is opportunity.

How do you find the job that’s right for you, or – if you are an employer – how do you find that perfect candidate with that “special sauce”?


Join HealthEconomics.Com’s 6th Online Career Fair for HEOR, Market Access, Medical Affairs, and Real World Evidence, from 12noon-2pm ET, on July 19, 2017.

Register here:

online career fairYou read that right. This Career Fair is completely ONLINE, meaning you can participate as a JOB-SEEKER or a RECRUITER/EMPLOYER, all from your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Employer and job-seekers speak directly to each other via chat, share resumes, set up additional interviews, and more. The Online Career Fair allows you to:

  • Connect with industry leaders, offering positions that span the US and abroad through live, one-on-one chat
  • Reduce job search time
  • Save on expensive, time-consuming travel
  • Attend from anywhere using your mobile device or tablet
  • Registration is FREE for participants


Employers and Recruiters

Our platform allows you to connect with hundreds of highly qualified individuals in a focused and directed amount of time. Here are some past Career Fair successes:

  • 300 Registrants
  • 34 chats per exhibitor! That’s right, in just a few hours, you can meet & vet 34 potential candidates!
  • >40% attendees had 10+ years of experience
  • Employers who have participated in past online Career Fairs: DRG Abacus, G&J Lee Recruitment, Lilly, Mallincrodt, Pharmerit, J&J, GSK, Xcenda, Takeda, BMS, Novo Nordisk, Evidera, MKTXS, Boston Scientific, RTI, and Oxford PharmaGenesis. Don’t be left out.

As an Employer, you receive a fully customized booth and up to 3 recruiter registrations for this event. Setting up an Employer booth takes just 15 minutes! We offer Drag and Drop menu-driven set-up that anyone can do. Participating in the online Career Fair helps promote your corporate brand, and lets you target your conversations to the best talent for the specific job. We use SmartQueue technology to help you connect to the best participants for your specific opportunities. Enabling SmartQueue will prioritize the most qualified participants in line to chat. REGISTER TODAY for an Exhibitor Booth.

Benefits of the Online Career Fair:

  • Recruit HEOR, Market Access, Health Outcomes Liasons, Access Managers, Pricing & Reimbursement Experts, Medical Writers, and more!
  • Meet with hundreds of candidates, prioritize them, and set follow-up appointments – right from your computer!
  • Easy, effective, and efficient recruiting and interviewing
  • Enhance your brand by giving candidates access to your company
  • Fill your pipeline and hire top talent
  • Cost-effective recruiting, saving thousands of dollars and hours of time posting on job boards


Job Seekers

If you are considering a job change, sign up now. Attend from anywhere!

  • Connect with industry leaders, offering positions that span the US and abroad through live, one-on-one chat
  • Reduce job search time
  • Save on expensive, time-consuming travel
  • Attend from anywhere using your mobile device or tablet
  • Attendance for job seekers is FREE

Sign up now! Online for #HEOR, #MarketAccess, and #RWE.


salarysurveytimerunningoutAnd, to make sure you can negotiate the best salary & benefit package, take part in our 2017 Global Salary Survey for HEOR & Market Access. Participants get a free Executive Summary, while Employers can pre-register to purchase the full results here.

But hurry, time is running out to participate in the Global Salary Survey!



See you at the July 19 Online Career Fair, and thanks for participating in the Global Salary Survey! Together we can help each other succeed in HEOR/MA Employment!

To your success,

Patti Peeples, RPh, PhD
CEO, HealthEconomics.Com
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