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Integrating Big Data: How HealthCore is using Research to Improve Care, Safety, and Outcomes.

BIGDATA-USCompanies are striving to advance beyond the buzzword of Big Data to delivering real, actionable results that change the way our healthcare system works.  The power to access and analyze these enormous data sets, and then develop insights that can be acted upon at the patient, provider and policy level, can greatly improve our ability to both anticipate and treat illness.  Consistent with a global effort to improve healthcare value, Big Data can also help key stakeholders better understand the effectiveness and safety of interventions.  Treatment decisions, including the inputs into those decisions as well as the outputs (or the outcomes) can be more quickly and accurately assessed – in nearly real-time.  Who, in the healthcare industry, is poised to do this?  And what have we learned so far, using and interpreting healthcare big data, that can help us in the future?

HealthCore, a health services research organization, has been a leader in translating large data sets into real-world insight for two decades.  As a wholly-owned outcomes research subsidiary of Anthem, Inc., one of the nation’s leading health benefits companies, HealthCore will showcase their Big Data innovations with case studies and actual research examples, in an upcoming Virtual Conference on Wednesday, February 18, 2015, Actionable Insights into Health Policy, Practice and Outcomes Through Research and Big Data – with a Spotlight on Oncology, from 9:30am-11:30am ET with an encore presentation from 11:30am-1:30pm ET.

How are large integrated healthcare datasets being used to make a difference in patient outcomes, medical practice, and health policy?  Attend this two-hour event to find out.  Just click on the Register link below.

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This event will take place in the interactive virtual environment of HE-Xpo®, and attendees will be able to view real-time presentations by seven senior executives of HealthCore, ask questions, visit a virtual Exhibit Booth, download educational materials from the Learning Center, and interact with presenters and other attendees in the virtual Lounge.  The meeting is free to attend; you may view the Agenda here and register here.  You will need a working internet connection to take part in this virtual conference.  Below is a preview of what will be presented.
“There’s lots of Big Data out there with not a lot of robust insight,” says Marcus Wilson, PharmD, President, HealthCore. “There is a limit to what you can get from it without it being effectively integrated.”

Dr. Wilson will share his views on the industry’s future in terms of research collaborations and the promise of a unique integrated research environment and health care data analytics.

“We’re looking at practical approaches to accelerate the speed at which we can develop evidence in the general population, as well as specific populations, so that we can get this information in the hands of clinicians and benefit patients earlier,” said Mark Cziraky, PharmD, Vice President of Research at HealthCore.

There is increasing interest among the pharmaceutical industry and the payer community in developing unique partnerships that reflect collaboration, connectivity, and shared decision-making among major stakeholders. HealthCore has been an active participant in multiple collaborations with various pharmaceutical companies and payers focusing on the use of real-world evidence, with an aim to cut down on the typical 17-year time frame for research evidence to reach clinical practice. Mark Cziraky will speak at this virtual event on “Evolving Research Connectivity, Better Decisions for the Health Care Industry.” Dr. Cziraky will provide examples of the processes and desired goals of various real-world evidence research collaborations, and dive into some of the implications of the research that can be conducted when stakeholders connect towards the goal of improving health outcomes for patients. If you are part of an organization interested in forming alliances with stakeholders on real-world evidence collaboratives, you will not want to miss this presentation.

Vince Willey, PharmD. Staff VP, Industry Sponsored Research.

“HealthCore’s environment, with its data environment and experienced researchers, provides a unique opportunity for conducting research” said Vince Willey, PharmD, Staff Vice President of HealthCore’s Industry Sponsored Research Unit.  “It has the ability to pull in data from medical and pharmacy claims, clinical information from the physician, medical charts, and other information from patients that allow us to answer complex clinical, economic and health policy questions.”

Oncology therapeutics is one of the fastest growing arenas in healthcare, with cancer treatments estimated to exceed the $100 billion mark worldwide within the next few years. The promise of targeted cancer treatments, as well as the recent US and European focus on the cost-effectiveness of cancer treatments, have piqued interest in how data analytics can be used to maximize outcomes. Dr. Willey will present “A Focus on Oncology within HealthCore’s Research Environment.” He will describe the types of oncology data that are available, showcase insights derived from oncology data, and address the realized value to the healthcare industry. If you would like to better understand how data assets can be used to answer complex clinical and economic health outcomes questions in oncology, this session will be of utmost interest.

Crystal Holick, ScD. Sr. Dirctor, Safety and Epidemiology Research.

The promise of using healthcare big data to monitor safety is never far from the thoughts of many who believe that fundamental improvements in our healthcare system are on the next horizon. Crystal Holick, ScD is well-suited to delve into this topic, bringing experienced perspectives from her role as Senior Director, Safety and Epidemiology Research at HealthCore. Dr. Holick will provide an overview of how HealthCore’s research environment is used for greater insights into safety, and explore how these results were used by the pharmaceutical industry, payer audiences, and other stakeholders to improve care delivery, identify research opportunities, and advance patient outcomes. This presentation is also an important opportunity to learn more about how using databases for medical product safety assessment requires careful research consideration to ensure that the interpretation is both valid and based on rigorous analytic methods.

Nandini Selvam, PhD. Sr. Director, Government and Academic Research.In the past several years, HealthCore’s collaborative approaches have extended into new health care industry arenas, including government and academic groups, thereby marshaling expertise and sharing insights to improve health policy and practice.  If you work closely with academic institutions or government agencies, be sure to listen to this enlightening presentation by Nandini Selvam, PhD, Senior Director of HealthCore’s Government and Academic Research.

John Barron, PharmD. Staff VP, Payer and Provider Research.

Andrea DeVries, PhD. Sr. Director, Payer and Provider Research.

Rounding out this information-packed two-hour virtual event is a joint presentation by John Barron, PharmD and Andrea DeVries, PhD of HealthCore’s Payer and Provider Research division. Drs. Barron and DeVries have extensive experience managing hundreds of projects.  They will provide a practical and instructive presentation on “How Research Can Provide Actionable Information to Health Plans”.  Expect to hear case studies on how health plans can directly benefit from health services research to inform strategies, identify new opportunities, and gain insights into changing consumer and provider behavior.

Do you have some areas that you would like to see addressed? Some questions you would like to raise? Click on the Comment link below and share your views with HealthCore in advance.

Please do not miss this opportunity to attend the event on Wednesday, February 18, 2015, Actionable Insights into Health Policy, Practice and Outcomes Through Research and Big Data – with a Spotlight on Oncology, from 9:30am-11:30am ET with an encore presentation from 11:30am-1:30pm ET. Speakers will be available to answer your questions in real-time at the end of the 2-hour session.

If you have a conflict with this event on February 18th, you have the option to view the full presentation “on-demand” at any time. Register on the link below to receive instructions for “on-demand” access.

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Real-World Evidence Studies: Checking it Once, Checking it Twice…

By now, either through posts on this tHEORetically Speaking blog, the official blog of HealthEconomics.Com, or through your own personal experience, it is apparent that real world evidence (RWE) is a hefty subject to tackle. Synthesizing evidence into something meaningful that meets the needs of the 5 Ps – Pharma, Payers, Providers, Patients, and Policy-Makers, as well as any other pertinent stakeholder, is no small task. Add to that the fact that this is real world evidence –  and not your run-of-the-mill clinical data where everything is carefully planned and controlled for – and you have a potential recipe for disaster!  So how do you navigate the waters and keep your boat headed in the right direction?

The first place to start is by attending the first ever virtual summit on RWE being held THIS THURSDAY (Dec. 11, 2014 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET; for more information and to register for this FREE summit, visit  The Summit is entirely virtual…meaning you can attend from anywhere on the globe, as long as you have an internet connection. Join us by clicking on the graphic below.

Thanks for downloading your copy of the Final Findings from the Survey 2014 on Real World Evidence_image001


ship      Amy Smalarz, President of Strategic Market Insight, will discuss the tools you need for successfully navigating the RWE boat. Specifically, Amy will describe how she has helped otherschecklist structure and maximize their RWE. Amy has developed her own RWE Checklist for Success that she will share with the audience (and even allow for audience feedback- after all, we  are all in this together!). This Checklist will visually present how to ensure the correct stakeholders have been incorporated and included. It will also provide a map to use throughout the  RWE process, to make sure the proper stakeholders are engaged at the right time, and detail just how exactly they should be engaged. RWE doesn’t happen overnight, and it shouldn’t  be an afterthought. Amy will highlight the importance of having discussions around RWE before project development.

How do you make this happen? Amy knows, and she will discuss strategies to facilitate conversations among the key players to get things moving and plans in place before moving forward. Recognizing that not all projects are created equal, the Checklist allows the user to customize the tool so that it meets the needs of individual projects.

Like everything else in life (including clinical trials), RWE is an evolving process. Amy will share her stories on how she sees things evolving, and what this may mean for RWE. You won’t want to miss out on this Virtual Summit (virtual = you can participate from the comfort of your office or home!) this Thursday. It’s not too late to register for this meeting (did we mention it is FREE, and more than 300+ of your colleagues have already signed up??? Learn how others are successfully navigating the RWE waters, and how to use your Checklist for success to charter your own boat!

Join us on December 11th at this free, day-long Virtual event and find out!   See you Thursday!!!


More about the Speakers

amysmalarz Amy Smalarz, PhD, is President of Strategic Market Insight.  Amy has a PhD in Social Policy and Health Services Research from Brandeis University. She also has a Masters in Health Care Administration from Simmons College and BA in Biology and Sociology from Brandeis University.  She has worked for various payer groups and consulting/data analytics companies conducting HEOR and Market Access research for more than 13 years.  Awards and honors include the Tom Crossman Prize for Public Policy (Simmons College, 2002), the best paper based on a dissertation (Academy of Management, Health Care Division, 2006) and being an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Fellow (Brandeis University, 2002 – 2005).


This blog posting was written by Meg Franklin, PharmD, PhD, Owner and President Franklin Pharmaceutical Consulting, LLC, on behalf of HealthEconomics.Com. Dr. Franklin may be reached at or

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