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Job Market for HEOR & Market Access: Success Strategies

hot-jobs1The job market for HEOR, Market Access, Medical Affairs, and Real World Evidence is as hot as an Arizona airport jetway! There is no shortage of jobs for individuals with skills in health economics, outcomes research, value assessment, informatics and data analytics, medical affairs, and related fields. Whether your interest is in product commercialization, early phase research, business development, or customer communications, if you speak “healthcare value”, then there is opportunity.

How do you find the job that’s right for you, or – if you are an employer – how do you find that perfect candidate with that “special sauce”?


Join HealthEconomics.Com’s 6th Online Career Fair for HEOR, Market Access, Medical Affairs, and Real World Evidence, from 12noon-2pm ET, on July 19, 2017.

Register here:

online career fairYou read that right. This Career Fair is completely ONLINE, meaning you can participate as a JOB-SEEKER or a RECRUITER/EMPLOYER, all from your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Employer and job-seekers speak directly to each other via chat, share resumes, set up additional interviews, and more. The Online Career Fair allows you to:

  • Connect with industry leaders, offering positions that span the US and abroad through live, one-on-one chat
  • Reduce job search time
  • Save on expensive, time-consuming travel
  • Attend from anywhere using your mobile device or tablet
  • Registration is FREE for participants


Employers and Recruiters

Our platform allows you to connect with hundreds of highly qualified individuals in a focused and directed amount of time. Here are some past Career Fair successes:

  • 300 Registrants
  • 34 chats per exhibitor! That’s right, in just a few hours, you can meet & vet 34 potential candidates!
  • >40% attendees had 10+ years of experience
  • Employers who have participated in past online Career Fairs: DRG Abacus, G&J Lee Recruitment, Lilly, Mallincrodt, Pharmerit, J&J, GSK, Xcenda, Takeda, BMS, Novo Nordisk, Evidera, MKTXS, Boston Scientific, RTI, and Oxford PharmaGenesis. Don’t be left out.

As an Employer, you receive a fully customized booth and up to 3 recruiter registrations for this event. Setting up an Employer booth takes just 15 minutes! We offer Drag and Drop menu-driven set-up that anyone can do. Participating in the online Career Fair helps promote your corporate brand, and lets you target your conversations to the best talent for the specific job. We use SmartQueue technology to help you connect to the best participants for your specific opportunities. Enabling SmartQueue will prioritize the most qualified participants in line to chat. REGISTER TODAY for an Exhibitor Booth.

Benefits of the Online Career Fair:

  • Recruit HEOR, Market Access, Health Outcomes Liasons, Access Managers, Pricing & Reimbursement Experts, Medical Writers, and more!
  • Meet with hundreds of candidates, prioritize them, and set follow-up appointments – right from your computer!
  • Easy, effective, and efficient recruiting and interviewing
  • Enhance your brand by giving candidates access to your company
  • Fill your pipeline and hire top talent
  • Cost-effective recruiting, saving thousands of dollars and hours of time posting on job boards


Job Seekers

If you are considering a job change, sign up now. Attend from anywhere!

  • Connect with industry leaders, offering positions that span the US and abroad through live, one-on-one chat
  • Reduce job search time
  • Save on expensive, time-consuming travel
  • Attend from anywhere using your mobile device or tablet
  • Attendance for job seekers is FREE

Sign up now! Online for #HEOR, #MarketAccess, and #RWE.


salarysurveytimerunningoutAnd, to make sure you can negotiate the best salary & benefit package, take part in our 2017 Global Salary Survey for HEOR & Market Access. Participants get a free Executive Summary, while Employers can pre-register to purchase the full results here.

But hurry, time is running out to participate in the Global Salary Survey!



See you at the July 19 Online Career Fair, and thanks for participating in the Global Salary Survey! Together we can help each other succeed in HEOR/MA Employment!

To your success,

Patti Peeples, RPh, PhD
CEO, HealthEconomics.Com
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How to Shine at an Online Career Fair

On Wednesday, January 20, 2016, HealthEconomics.Com is hosting their 5th Online Career Fair specifically for the HEOR, Market Access and Real World Evidence audience.  The Career Fair is scheduled from 10am-2pm, and you can participate from anywhere in the world!  Ten employers will be there to recuit:  Boehringer-Ingelheim, Deloitte Belgium, Evidera, ICER (Institute for Clinical and Economic Review), Ipsos Healthcare, Lilly, PRMA Consulting, RTI Health Solutions, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Washington and Jefferson College.

If you aren’t registered yet, no worries!  It takes just minutes to register and you can interview, job search, or network from your smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer anywhere there is an active internet connection.  Register here.  If you’re an employer and you want to get in on the action, visit here.

To help job-seekers prepare for the unique environment of an Online Career Fair, we wanted to re-share portions of a previously-conducted interview  with Scott Kabo and Michael Litten of Klein Hersh International recruiting, a firm specializing in many areas of healthcare, including pharma HEOR.  Take a minute to read their advice and we’ll see you online!  Happy job hunting and recruiting! Knock it out of the park!

[Patti]  What three pieces of advice do you offer to a Job Seeker as they prepare for a Career Fair?

[KH]  In every job search, job seekers should focus on:

1. Preparation;

2. Due Diligence; and,

3. Creating an agenda with goals to accomplish during the Career Fair.

It is important to know the specific companies that will be present at the Career Fair, and in advance of the event, research the job openings and the individual position description.  Know what company and job you will visit first, second, and so on.  It is recommended that the candidate prepare a specific script targeted toward each job, explaining why he/she would be a great fit for that advertised position and the company as a whole.  The candidate should be strategic in their efforts during the career fair, and if they aren’t sure what the company is looking for, to be prepared with “qualifying questions” that help elicit specific traits, skills, and experience that the company desires in the person who will fill that role.  Conduct due diligence on the company by searching the corporate website, reviewing press releases and announcements, and familiarizing oneself with the product portfolio and strategic focus.  “The art of an interview is your ability to ask questions and engage in dialogue,” emphasizes Kabo.  Moreover, even at a virtual career fair, all candidates should come to the interview prepared with a list of questions that help him or her understand the company, its culture, the specific role, and the skills necessary to succeed.

[Patti]  How should an Employer prepare for a Career Fair? 

[KH]  Michael Litten notes that some of same advice given to candidates embarking on a Career Fair also applies to employers:  namely, Preparation, Preparation, Preparation.  Employers should be fully capable of discussing the corporate goals, areas of focus, and uniqueness.  They should also be prepared to field common questions that candidates in the field of HEOR would ask about the specific job.  Interviewing goes both ways, particularly in high-demand areas like HEOR and Pricing, Reimbursement, and Market Access.  All human resources personnel should know what makes their company “sizzle” and be prepared for delivering a pitch that would make someone want to make the leap from their present company to a new place of employment.

[Patti]  This is a virtual Career Fair.  How should employers and job seekers specifically prepare for this on-line experience?

[KH]  Litten and Kabo encourage everyone to participate because – as they say – there really are no barriers to one attending in terms of location, travel, cost, etc.  This Virtual Career Fair for Health Economics & Outcomes Research is incredibly unique and a fantastic idea.  There are, however, a few things both a candidate and an employer should remember about this on-line experience.  Litten believes that the virtual experience has some commonalities with a telephone interview.  Both the employer and the candidate should be prepared to quickly and efficiently steer the conversation toward a specific role and to be able to say a few words that highlight the skill set needed or that the candidate possesses, up front.  Because this is a virtual environment typing this information, so be prepared for this.  Also, be ready to migrate through the booths to visit as many companies as possible, and make sure to get individual follow-up information with email addresses so you can establish that relationship outside of the Career Fair.

[Patti] What is the most common mistake you have observed in the interviewing process?

[KH]  Litten notes that time delays, including drawn-out scheduling and/or decision-making in the job search process by the hiring company, is the biggest challenge to both the employer and the job seeker.  If the process goes stagnant, the candidate will move onto another opportunity.  Occasionally, a candidate may be uncomfortable stating that they are not interested in a position, but ultimately, this honesty works best for all parties involved.  Additionally, it is important that the company clearly state if they desire a specific type of skill set.  Likewise, the candidate needs to be transparent about what skills they possess and the areas in which they are less comfortable.  Another common fallacy is for the candidate to play their cards “close to the vest”.  Kabo notes that candidates should clearly communicate their enthusiasm for the position and the company, if it exists. The last thing one wants is for the company to have a debrief after an interview and note, “we really liked the candidate’s technical capabilities, but we just didn’t get the sense they were interested in us!”  If you like each other, let it be known!

[Patti] How can a resume stand out in today’s marketplace?

[KH]  The most essential thing to remember is that people are busy, so conciseness is essential.  Your entire work career will likely not be reviewed job by job, bullet point by bullet point.  Litten strongly suggests including an “Expertise or Overall Summary of Profile” statement at the top of the resume, including relevant skill sets and today’s buzzwords.  He also notes that, in today’s environment, it is increasingly common for candidates to hold a series of short-term consulting jobs, often moving from one company to another in short-term contract positions.  If this is the case, it is essential to note that these moves were intentional and part of an organized process of consulting, and to note this at the top of the resume.   This immediately addresses the concern over the candidate being a “job-hopper”, and instead positions the candidate as someone who has chosen a particular tact to their career focused intentionally on short-term contracting positions.  This is acceptable, but an explanation at the top of the resume should indicate this approach.

If you are a hiring company and are interested in exhibiting or recruiting at the Career Fair contact Undine McEvoy at

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