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Dear Payer/Insurer Colleagues:

As you may be aware, the uptake of biosimilars in the US market has been slow and disappointing. Currently, 90% of global biosimilars are purchased in Europe, despite the fact that 60% of global biologic medicine sales occur in the United States. Much of Europe’s success with biosimilars is attributed to an alignment across payers, physicians, and patients. A white paper released, on March 19, 2019, “Structural Market Changes Needed in U.S. to Achieve Cost-Savings from Biosimilars,” documents Europe’s successful use of biosimilars and describes how the alliance across these 3 key decision-makers is critical to lower costs of and increase access to biosimilars.

Lessons learned from the European market are:

biosimilars are safe and effective

streamlining the administrative process is critical

market preparedness matters

To remove barriers currently inhibiting the uptake of biosimilars in the United States, policymakers need to take actionable steps. Which strategies outlined in the white paper do you believe payers could/would successfully adopt in the United States? How can the United States promote a stronger alignment across payers, physicians, and patients to support the use of biosimilars?

Sagent Pharmaceuticals, a company dedicated to supporting the evolving needs of the patients it serves, provides informative and educational resources on the ever-changing biosimilars landscape. Learn more about the current US biosimilar approval process, and review the insights of this white paper by visiting the Sagent Understanding Biosimilars website.

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