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Pharma faces an interconnected world of external stakeholders who want a pharma company to operate as an integrated entity, not as an organisation with functional silos.

Pharma executives should therefore be able to think from a market’s perspective and act cross-functionally. This requires training beyond one’s own area of expertise …
… which is where C.E.L.forPharma – The Centre for Executive Leadership for the Pharmaceutical Industry – steps in with expert-led courses.

Following are a few 1- and 2-day courses from our portfolio that are relevant for executives in HEOR and related functions – click on the course titles for detailed programme outlines, expert bios, dates, testimonials from your peers, registration details etc.:

Principles of Pharma Market Access in Europe - with Mark Silvey and Dr Nick Proctor, Senior Consultants with the Adelphi Group, a group of specialist companies that uniquely embraces all the disciplines that integrate into Market Access – next session on 25-26 September in London

Value Pricing for Market Access - with Gary Johnson, Founder & CEO of Inpharmation, Europe's most respected pharma forecasting & pricing specialist consultancy, and author of Value Pricing for Market Access: Evidence-Based Pricing for Pharmaceuticals – next session on 27-28 September in London

The Health Technology Assessment Course - with Prof Lieven Annemans, Professor, past-president ISPOR, sought-after advisor and educator to health policy makers and pharma companies, author of Health economics for non-economists – next session on 22 November in Brussels

Patient Adherence & Support Solutions - with Prof John Weinman and Nathan O’Donnell, Head of Health Psychology and Client Services Director for Atlantis Healthcare, global leaders in patient behaviour change & adherence solutions  – next session on 22 November in Brussels

Principles of Pharmaceutical Marketing for Non-Marketing Functions - with Edouard Demeire, who designed and runs Roche’s courses for marketing and non-marketing audiences worldwide; co-author of GOOD PHARMA. How Marketing Creates Value in Pharma – next session on 29-30 November in Zurich

You will learn a lot from C.E.L.forPharma's faculty of true experts, as testified by your peers:

“It is a good overview and really answers the key questions when implementing PSP. It is a very interactive course supported by a lot of evidence and a lot of experience sharing.”
EMEA Healthcare Solution Lead, Janssen, France

“Another great course by Prof. Annemans!”
Health Economics Senior, Amgen, Switzerland

“Gary Johnson is perhaps one of the authorities when it comes to teaching or explaining the whole process of value based pricing and HTA. Enriched myself with the examples he gave to explain and illustrate the key trends/inflexion points experienced by lead brands, and in addition also got to learn how these brands actually replaced the standard of care.”
Senior Director, Oncology Portfolio, Fresenius Kabi, Germany 

“Great course! Really good introduction to Market Access. Would recommend this to anyone looking to understand the fundamentals of Market Access.”
Market Access and Medicines Vision, GSK, United Kingdom

Click here to download our 2019 Brochure with information about all our courses. Or visit our website celforpharma.com for even more detailed information.

Kind regards,

PS: If you want your colleagues in other functions to grasp the fundamentals of health economics, you can recommend them to attend Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans’ popular Health Economics for Non-Health-Economists course – it is a super course!

Luc De Langhe
Co-founder & CEO, C.E.L.forPharma
Phone: +32 2 709 01 41
Email: luc.delanghe@celforpharma.com

Luc De Langhe

Luc De Langhe

Co-Founder & CEO at C.E.L.forpharma
Email: luc.delanghe@celforpharma.com
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