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Using DICE Simulation for Health Economic Analyses
Instructors: Caro JJ, Möller J
Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Health Care Decision Making: Approaches & Applications
Instructors: IJzerman MJ, Marsh K, Devlin N
Introduction to Constrained Optimization Methods for Health Care Research
Instructor: Tosh J
Conjoint Analysis - Theory & Methods
Instructor: Heidenreich S
Preference Research in HTA Agencies Europe - A Review of its Use in Approval, Reimbursement, and Pricing
Mühlbacher AC, Marsh K, van Til JA
Challenges and Lessons Learned from Electronic Recruitment and Validation of Patients for Outcome Research Studies in Rare Diseases
Hadi M, Swinburn P, Waby J
Towards a Value Framework for Precision Medicine: Recommendations from the ISPOR Precision Medicine Special Interest Group
IJzerman M, Brizner D, Holtorf AP, Faulkner E
Diagnostics Evidentiary Dinosaur Evolution: Conventional Health Economics and Market Access Approaches vs. Advanced Analytics as the New Norm?
Faulkner E, Poulios N, Redekop K, Zah V
Value of Adjuvant Oncology Therapies: Methodological Challenges of Modelling Cost-Effectiveness of an Adjuvant Treatment in an Era of High-Cost Oncology Treatments
Kovacs V, Kiss Z, Tichy E, Benedict A
Tuning into what Patients Say About Clinical Trials when Scientists and Clinicians are Not Listening? Implications for Recruitment
Halhol S, Booth A, Pan S, Cox A, Merinopoulou E
Will Regenerative Medicines Change the Way We Evaluate Evidence, Fund Innovation, and Determine Value?
Epstein M, van Amerongen D, Maywald U, de Solà-Morales O
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