Informational Webinar:
Masters Program in Healthcare Decision Analysis
from University of Southern California
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 3:00pm - 4:00pm EDT


  • Flexible weekend schedule aimed at early & mid-career working adults
  • On-campus classroom learning, with optional "on-demand" lectures
  • Adult education format emphasizing teams and case studies
  • Can be completed in as little as 15 months, each course held 2 weekends per semester
  • World class lectures by USC faculty and industry leaders and experts
  • Healthcare and Industry Professionals are encouraged to apply

The Master’s Program in Healthcare Decision Analysis (MS in HCDA) is an interdisciplinary program designed to train individuals seeking to improve their basic technical skills and analytical abilities related to product value, access and reimbursement. Healthcare Decision Analysis focuses on the intersection of health economics, reimbursement & value using business intelligence and pricing. The program provides an opportunity for early and mid-career working professionals to enter a field in which Payers, Consulting and Industry cannot find sufficient qualified individuals and technically skilled leaders to meet demand.

Courses include:

  • Applied Access and Reimbursement Coverage Design
  • Actuarial implications and Formulary requirements and Tier Placement
  • Product Pricing, Value and Competitive Intelligence
  • Basic Modeling and Evidence Generation used in Product Profiling
  • Core Skills in Healtheconomics and Critical Literature Evaluation
  • New Product Development and Clinical Trials Principles

Grant Lawless, RPH, MD
Associate Professor of Phamaceutical and Health Economics
Program Director Healthcare Decision Analysis (HCDA)
School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California

Michelle Ton
Program Administrator for HCDA Admissions and Student Affairs
School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California


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