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Getting the Most 'Value' Out of Value Frameworks for Oncology: There's a Tool for That!
Featured Presenter
Apoorva Ambavane
Apoorva Ambavane, MPH
Research Scientist, Modeling & Simulation

Discussion Points
In this webinar we will:
Discuss the value drivers most important to key stakeholders
Share insight on the use of frameworks to effectively position products in the market landscape
Present a demonstration of Evidera's Microsoft Excel based tool, its key features, and potential uses (including a demonstration of the tool)

Key Learning Objectives
Gain insight into the value drivers for oncology products from the perspective of clinicians, payers, and patients
Understand the use of value frameworks to optimize drug positioning in terms of value and costs in the current landscape
Learn the benefits of Evidera's oncology value frameworks tool and its potential to provide valuable information to help prepare products for approval and access
See a demonstration of how the various oncology frameworks (NCCN, ASCO, ESMO, MSKCC, and ICER) can be implemented and compared within the value frameworks tool

Clinical Trial Simulation: How Predicting Trial Outcomes Adds Value to Early Market Access Planning
Featured Presenters
Peter L. Quon
Peter L. Quon, MPH
Research Scientist
Modeling & Simulation
Anuraag Kansal
Anuraag Kansal, PhD
Senior Research Leader
Director, Disease and Trial Simulation (DATS)
Modeling & Simulation

Discussion Points
In this webinar we will:
Present examples in which trial data suitable for regulatory approval may still impose limitations for market access
Provide an overview of CTS and how it can simulate trial data to be used in early market access planning, including economic models
Describe how CTS uses existing data and disease simulation to project the range of possible clinical progression patients may experience within the context of a clinical trial, and employs standard statistical techniques such as time-to-event analyses
Discuss applications of CTS data to market access, illustrated through examples in prostate cancer and Alzheimer's disease

Key Learning Objectives
Understand the value of considering market access requirements during the clinical trial design
Understand how CTS can be applied to market access planning to anticipate challenges early in the product development lifecycle
Recognize the benefits of CTS as a tool that can employ a variety of datasets to predict and analyze trial results
Identify scenarios where CTS would benefit evidence generation for optimal market access success
Through the Looking Glass - Real-World Insights from Early Access Programs: Data Collection, Best Practices, and Considerations
Featured Presenters
Dara Stein
Dara Stein, MSc
Senior Research Scientist and Director, Real-World Evidence
Jodie Block
Jodie Block
Director, Peri- and Post-Approval
Research Operations

Discussion Points
In this webinar we will:
Provide insight into data collection considerations within EAPs
Allow attendees to gain a better understanding of best practices and key considerations for implementing data collection and disseminating real-world evidence within EAPs

Key Learning Objectives
Understand the current landscape of published literature on data collection within early access programs
Gain insight into key steps and best practices for navigating country-specific regulatory and ethical requirements/guidelines for incorporating data collection into early access programs
Discover the design and operational success factors for incorporating data collection within early access programs
Realize the real-world evidence needs that can be addressed via data collection in early access programs


30+ Years of Experience
Real-World Evidence • Patient-Centered Research
Modeling and Meta Research • Market Access • Interventional Studies
Pragmatic Studies • Medical Writing

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