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Comparisons of competing interventions are essential to determine value of medicines, both from clinical and societal perspectives. With head-to-head studies rare, HTA bodies rely on NMA techniques to derive the necessary estimates and incorporate them into cost-effectiveness models. The use of RWD for head-to-head comparison purposes was often challenged due to data limitations and difficulty to draw causal conclusions.

The increased availability of regulatory-grade RWD is challenging this status quo. The biases that used to plague the use of observational data can now be avoided. Specifically, we can eliminate immortal time bias and selection bias due to prevalent users. Although other challenges of working with RWD (e.g., confounding) continue, the approach of emulating target trials makes causal inference and head-to-head comparative effectiveness using RWD a reality.

Examples of the use of the approach include:

  • Generation of efficacy or safety evidence for conditional regulatory approval or post-market assessment
  • Refining aspects of an existing treatment protocol
  • Providing a comparison when network meta analysis is not possible
  • Expanding the scope of a randomized trial

Recently, several research projects have already successfully replicated the results of clinical trials using RWD approaches and recently several life sciences companies supported their regulatory submissions with findings from RWD studies.

Join us for this webinar series to hear from our team of experts as they embark on two pilot projects on head-to-head comparisons using real world data. These projects in oncology and cardiovascular will occur in real time across this webinar series. You will see the data and analytical challenges faced during the projects, and how these challenges are overcome. The objectives of this first webinar in the series are to:

  • Introduce the concept of head to head comparison using RWD
  • Present case studies of the approach
  • Outline the plan of pilot investigations in oncology and cardiovascular disease

*Additional webinars in the series will be shared following this introduction.

Click below to register for the webinar and meet the speakers. Please feel free to forward this invitation to any colleagues who would benefit from these insights.

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