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There are thousands of resources on HealthEconomics.Com to educate, challenge and facilitate your work in HEOR, RWE & Market Access. In case you've missed a few of the most recent ones that we've curated or written, we've listed Blogs, White Papers, and Syndicated Reports below.
Using AI, NLP and Data Visualization with RWE to Generate Insights into Care Gaps: Retrospective Cohort Analysis of Fracture Risk in Patients with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

Real world data (RWD) are being used by an increasingly diverse group of stakeholders. As an example, patient advocacy groups are realizing the value they can offer to their communities by partnering with data analysis companies to explore treatment pathways, health outcomes, and patient-reported measures of disease and treatment impact.

Digital transformation: shaping the future of market access

In the final part of her series on digital transformation in market access, Dr. Patti Peeples, CEO of, and Dr. William Aaron Grandy, Product Owner of Digital Applications at PRMA Consulting, take a look at the bigger picture and ask: what could tomorrow look like?
Reducing market access risk: how digital technology is strengthening strategies

In the fourth of her five-part series on digital transformation in market access, Dr. Patti Peeples, CEO of, sits down with Dr. William Aaron Grandy, Product Owner of Digital Applications at PRMA Consulting, to discuss how a digitally enabled assessment process reduces the risk of developing medicines that fail to meet payer and patient needs.
Drugs & Devices to Market Faster with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

All parts of the product development cycle—clinical trial management, regulatory affairs, commercialization, and everywhere in between—have invested in technologies to support operational efficiencies and productivity gains. But there has always been a gap in these technologies: the inability to effectively manage transactions within an organization and to extend beyond its four walls.

Demystifying Synthetic Control Arms

The rising costs of clinical trial completion and the greater availability of data, make the uses of synthetic control arms a cost-effective option in a number of clinical trials. These synthetic control arms replace the placebo or standard of care with a simulated arm that draws on data collected in previous trials.

COVID-19: Navigating global market access requirements in a dynamic environment

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, the pharmaceutical and medical device industries are responding with new products, processes and solutions in record time. Many health technology appraisal (HTA) boards are prioritising these innovations, and COVID-19 has become the new work programme for many companies.

COVID-19 implications for pharma: US payer insights The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique set of challenges for US payers. In the short-term emergency healthcare packages have included increasing patient access to medicines, waiving co-pays, relaxing prior approval requirements and increasing telemedicine services. But longer term? The commercial healthcare market is likely to contract and demand for Medicare/Medicaid will increase.
Pricing and Reimbursement in Oncology: Payer Views

Specialised cancer therapies such as checkpoint inhibitors have significantly improved outcomes for patients—but for payers they represent a growing pricing and reimbursement (P&R) challenge, especially as triple and quadruple oncology therapy becomes more commonplace. To achieve formulary position and the widest possible prescribing, pharma needs payers positively on board, so what practical steps can developers take to get payer support for their oncology product’s pricing and reimbursement ambitions?

Digital Technologies: New Strategies for Customer Engagement

Digital technology and tools have changed the landscape for customer engagement beyond recognition. The possibilities for targeted interactions, relationship building and adding value are immense—and the insights revealed through data generation and analysis can really build competitive advantage. Speed of response and of development is imperative—but how well is pharma keeping up?

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