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Tuesday, Aug. 04, 2020 | Issue 513

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Aetion analyzes RWE impact in 4 recent FDA decisions in infectious disease

Senior Directors from Aetion (Purpura and Harvey) analyzed four approvals for products intended to treat or prevent infectious diseases from 2019 that included RWE studies to highlight how foreign postmarketing data improves understanding of a product’s risk-benefit profile.

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5 Questions for the New Chair of NICE Sharmila Nebhrajani

A Digital Bridge To Real-Time COVID-19 Data

AMCP Introduces AMCP Collaborate online community to engage in discussions of managed care

Former FDA Commish Califf: Weighing the Benefits & Risks of the Growing Number of Observational Treatment Assessments

Trump v. Pharma: a “Kinda Sorta” War




DIA DIRECT: Real-World Data to Inform COVID-19 Response: Collaborating in the COVID-19 Evidence Accelerator

Aug 11


KOLs Reveal How They Prefer to Engage with MSLs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Aug 11

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How to Put AI + Predictive Analytics To Work
  Product Manager, Formulary Decisions (Remote Role) Director, Consultant – Real World Evidence Group Account Supervisor – Gladstone, NJ Real World Evidence Programmer Analyst/ Manager/ Assistant Director  

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