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Consulting Companies

Consulting company that helps employers design programs and benefits to drive employees to healthy behaviors, specializing in designing and implementing Value-Based benefit plan designs.
Abacus International specializes in health economics, HTA submissions, medical writing, and market access.
Specializing in social and economic policy, international development, business research, and clinical trials and registries. Includes the Hercules Registry group.
Integrated health education company
A global healthcare value consultancy combining strategic thinking with a reputation for excellence in outcomes research, health economics and market access, providing both depth of knowledge and breadth of understanding in healthcare value.
Italian consulting company, specializing in advanced modeling, support software, statistical modeling and data elaboration.
Six (5 European + US) health economic and outcomes research consulting companies working together as part of the International Network for Health Care Research in order to provide an innovative integrated service specialising in health economics, outcomes research and pricing, reimbursement and market access to health care organisations and the pharmaceutical industry
Boutique healthcare advisory firm that specializes in developing clinical and economic solutions that define product value to third-party payors, hospital administrators, investors, providers, and patients.
The Agency for Health Economic Assessment and Dissemination – AHEAD - is a specialized consulting agency that supports clients in the planning, generation and dissemination of health economic evidence as well as in obtaining market access and reimbursement in Germany. The AHEAD philosophy is to provide high-quality, product-specific and client-need-specific consulting & research activities that will be delivered on time.
AiM GmbH is a health-economic consultant company providing Global Value Dossiers and Health Technology Assessment Reports (HTA), Health economic analysis and modelling,Reimbursement research for medical technologies in Europe, and Systematic literature reviews
Alliance Concepts is the developer of Pharmawiser, a dynamic patient & disease based modular tool to design and forecast sustainable market access at optimal price. This tool is fit for dealing with value- based reimbursement conditions such as patient benefit assessment, CER and value pricing. It integrates key marketing & pricing variables and in addition measures impacts of national reference pricing, price elasticity, international price benchmarking and cross-border trading, all in one holistic model. Pharmawiser™ can be used for a single country or international level.
The Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research is an international collaboration based in the WHO Geneva. It aims to promote the generation and use of health policy and systems research as a means to improve the health systems of developing countries.
Nonpartisan, nonprofit group charged to help identify the roots of the nation's health care problems and the trade-offs posed by competing proposals for change. The group offers a full array of resources and viewpoints, in a number of formats, to elected officials and their staffs, journalists, policy analysts and advocates.
Consulting services to physicians, hospitals, freestanding facilities, universities and private practices throughout the United States.
Provides economic (pricing, CEA), financial, and business strategy consulting to law firms, corporations, and government agencies.
AndoverEcon provides research and consulting services in the areas of health economics, health services research, healthcare program evaluation, and investment analysis within the health services industry.
Over 17 years of experience with the FDA and over 5 years as a compliance consultant to industry. The former FDA investigators of Andrews Consultants are there to help you with your business needs. Compliance perspective from the ex-FDA point of view.
Provides consultancy, research, training and dissemination serviecs in patient-reported outcomes.
Full service Contract Research Organization (CRO) with a specialization in Outcomes Research
Social scientific research and program evaluation firm that produces high quality, socially relevant research at a reasonable cost.
Currently has two divisions - Evidence-Based Health (EBH) and Computational Biology, with locations in the UK, Brazil and China. Unique abilities in information technology.
Consultants in healthcare market access for the UK and Europe focused on consulting for healthcare transformation; also engaged in cost modelling of treatment pathways and treatments, and reimbursement strategy.
Leader in the HEDIS industry, offering reporting services and practical Intervention Tools to support the NCQA HEDIS Reporting Process, medical record abstraction, and Quality Improvement Projects.
ACERH is an independent research centre that is Australia’s first inter-university centre for health economics. It comprises research staff and students at three of Australia’s research-intensive (Group of Eight) universities: The Australian National University, The University of Queensland and the University of Western Australia and others
Strategic advisory firm in the healthcare field located in Washington, DC; staffed by individuals with experience from CMS, FDA, White House OMB, CBO, DHHS, state Medicaid programs, US Congress, and Fortune 500 healthcare companies. Focus on the intersection of business and policy benefits a diverse customer base, including commercial healthcare companies, non-profits, foundations, and government.
A Clinical Effectiveness, Health Outcomes, and Economics Research Organization providing research capabilities to the global bio-pharmaceutical industry.
Outcomes Research and Health Economics Consultancy company located in Spain. Services include design, cultural adaptation and validation of health questionnaires; customized Health Outcomes Research Projects; statistical data analyses; medical writing; Pharmacoeconom analyses; investigation protocols and CRFs design; bibliographic search and reviews; slide and posters presentations; and conferences.
Sofware company that develops platforms to create, present and distribute your health economic evidence in a visual and flexible format to affiliates and payers. Have a collaboration with IMS HEOR.
BCN HEALTH is an independent healthcare consultancy that specialises in health outcomes, modelling, epidemiology, market access, RCT and observational study design, and medical writing based in Barcelona, Spain.
Communications firm that helps healthcare thought leaders express and find channels for their ideas, core capabilities, and solutions.
Health care market research, strategy and communications firm. Helps health care companies focus on employers as key customers, and help them develop and implement effective employer strategies. We also provide strategic communications support for employers to help them gain executive and cross-organizational support for human capital improvement strategies.
A Canadian company specializing in the application of health and health economic research, including budget impact models,Markov modeling, gap analyses/SWOT, data mining, surveys and interviews.
Provider of strategic business information related to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals (lit search, market research, competitor analysis, competitive intelligence, incidence and prevalence data, etc.)
Specializes in providing customized healthcare information solutions to support specialty pharmacy and infusion operations. BMI’s customized solutions are developed for seamless integration with existing Pharmacy Management Systems, providing customers with the most cost effective and efficient strategy toward implementation.
Technical expertise and experience in applying the statistical techniques in randomized clinical trials for Phase I, II, and III trials, post-approval studies; frequentist and Bayesian interim analysis designs for futility and efficacy, propensity analysis for non-randomized trials, imputation methods for missing clinical endpoint data, cost-effectiveness studies, R&D, marketing support, and scientific investigation.
International consulting firm, focused on research topics and advice in Economics and Finance of Health, with headquarters in Santiago de Chile and associated consultants in different parts of the world
specializing in epidemiology and pharmaco-epidemiology research, health outcome research, systematic reviews of the literature, and medical writing.
Independent research company that evaluates the value of medical technologies and care management programs through state-of-the-art analytics.
Provides reimbursement, business development, and market analytics services to biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic clients worldwide
Boston Strategic Partners, Inc. (BSP) is a consulting firm that offers three different types of services to the life sciences industry: business and clinical strategy, health economics, and medical communications
Management consulting firm specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, with a division focused on Pricing and Market Access, which helps clients more effectively market and sell their products in an environment heavily influenced by payers.
The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) provides decision-makers with the evidence, analysis, advice, and recommendations they require to make informed decisions in health care.
Specialized strategic facility planning and capital planning consulting firm serving the healthcare industry. Also has experience in service line development and branding.
Provides evidence-based approaches to health economics and outcomes research by combining access to patient-level data with specialist analytical skills and effective communication. They have skills in database analyses, disease modeling, CEA, CUA, and systematic market access reviews, HTA submissions, and Value Dossiers. Located in the UK.
As the business behind healthcare, Cardinal Health helps pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory care sites focus on patient care while reducing costs, improving efficiency and quality, and increasing profitability.
International health outcomes research consultancy that performs health economics and quality-of-life studies across all areas of medicine and health technologies.
Full-service contract research and development organization with international resources dedicated to helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies efficiently and expeditiously navigate the regulatory approval process in order to bring new drugs, biologics, and medical devices to the people who need them.
CSD Medical Research UK is an expert in UK anonymous patient data for the healthcare industry. We supply data, analysis, train and support researchers in the use of primary care patient data, providing a wealth of information to healthcare professionals.
French consulting specializing in Health Economics, Pharmacoeconomics, Epidemiology, Outcomes Research, Quality of Life, and Health Policy Analysis.
CAVA is an industry leader in online, third-party validated, value-based clinical / economic modeling and strategic health economics services.
Thomson Reuters announced that it has launched The Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research to help advance the quality and effective use of comparative effectiveness research (CER) in the U.S. healthcare system.(Source: Thomson Reuters Press Release 2/1/2011)
Nonprofit health policy resource center dedicated to improving health care quality for low-income children and adults, people with chronic illnesses and disabilities, frail elders, and racially and ethnically diverse populations experiencing disparities in care. We work with state and federal agencies, health plans, providers, and consumer groups to develop innovative programs that better serve people with complex and high-cost health care needs.
Aims to inform policies and practices in health by systematically integrating scientific evidence with explicit consideration of individual and societal values for critical outcomes including mortality, quality of life, and cost. While most fields of research focus on producing new knowledge, decision science is uniquely concerned with making good choices based on available information, and in the presence of uncertainty, complexity, competing values, and tradeoffs.
Owned by John Mackowiak, who provides the following services: AMCP dossiers, economic modeling, patient-reported outcomes, medical writing, and payer research.
Center for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research based in Russia, Moscow is engaged in research work in the field of economic evaluation of health programs, including clinical and economic analysis, the development of pharmacoeconomics, pharmacoepidemiology, conducts studies of quality of life of patients on the basis of evidence-based medicine.
Dedicated to making advanced statistical techniques accessible regardless of prior statistical experience. Offer interactive e-learning modules provide step-by-step instructions as well as guided practice to insure that you gain the knowledge and experience needed to conduct the analysis on your data.
Focuses on clinical effectiveness assessment, cost effectiveness assessment as well as budget impact analyses, cost analyses as well as cost raising. Based on Krakow, Poland.
Cerner’s drug safety solutions and services enable coding of drug and adverse event terminology into preferred terms so safety data can be standardized to enable aggregation and analysis.
International medical product full service company specializing in pharmaceutical , medical device , CRO, hospital and e-Healthcare business in China and Korea.
Specializes in providing support and expertise to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industries in all aspects of market access. With extensive industry experience across multiple companies and therapy areas, Cogentia has both the technical know-how and commercial experience to help our clients negotiate through all their market access challenges
Consultation Angelo Inc. (CA Inc.) provides distance-based health economics solutions to health care providers and payors to optimize their patients' health outcomes. Currently specializing in medical writing and database analysis, CA Inc. offers various other services as well.
Coping Systems is a leader in the field of medical informatics - dedicated to helping healthcare providers reduce costs while continuously improving quality of care, patient safety and treatment outcomes. Coping Systems' unique combination of software and services provides effective solutions in the areas of: Clinical Workflow Automation; Post-Treatment Surveillance; Outcome Analysis and Safety Surveillance; Regulatory and Registry Data Submission; Clinical Trial Accounting.
Integrates clinical, economic and outcomes arguments into comprehensive health economic research programs of outstanding quality. They have a focus on methodological rigor and the necessity of concise value messages for effective communication with internal and external target audiences. The company has established expertise in the development of global market access strategies, as well as, the execution of cost-effectiveness models, market access dossiers and cost-effectiveness and budget impact analyses in a wide range of countries. These skills have been refined during our industry and consulting experience in a diverse selection of therapeutic areas.
Provider of translation and linguistic validation solutions specializing in QoL and clinical trial instruments. ISO 9001:2008 certified translation methodologies, vast translator network, and industry-specific experience have made them one of the few translation service providers capable of delivering high-quality translation and linguistic validation solutions through all phases of drug development.
One of the world's largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies. Has Market Access Services which offers reimbursement strategies, analysis and modeling, patient-report outcomes research, registries and Phase IV programs.
CPM is a pioneer in the development of database marketing technology, delivery systems, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
An international consulting firm dedicated to supporting the life science industry and health authorities in strategic decision making. We provide our customers with tailor-made solutions to their Market Access, Pricing, Health Economics, Portfolio Management and Licensing, Market Research and Forecasting issues.
Criterium’s proven formula for clinical trial success is based on the dedication of its executive management and project management teams, who pride themselves on delivering exceptional personal attention and services that connect, control, and communicate all of the elements — people, processes, and technologies involved in clinical trials and drug development.
Aims to provide an improved knowledge base for the work and decisions of the Danish health authorities at local, regional and national levels. The institute pursues this objective by collecting, examining and disseminating information, conducting research and providing theoretical and practical counsulting.
Is a dynamic force within Dartmouth College, dedicated to improving health care through education, research, policy reform, leadership improvement, and communication with patients and the public.
Provides clinical data re-analyses, advanced statistical analyses and modelling on databases, small sample significance management, and multicriteria analysis. They consider themselves to be a leader in "clinical data rescue". Data Mining International has developed a methodology to construct a composite indicator from various qualitative and quantitative parameters. This methodology is currently used by the World Health Organization in Epidemy Risk assessment modelling.
DHP Research specialises in the development and application of patient reported outcome (PRO) and patient experience measures (PREM) across a range of conditions which include lit reviews, evaluation of existing PROs, qualitative interviews, journal writing, PRO training and development of instruments, understanding patient experiences, responses to treatment programmes, instrument selection, PREM development and interpretation.
Double Helix Consulting (DHC) is the Market Access division of Double Helix. DHC is a team of highly experienced strategic Market Access and P & R consultants; a multidisciplinary team focused on delivering ad hoc actionable global and local market access strategies in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices.
North Carolina consulting firm in drug information, medical writing, health economic research, etc.
Software visualization and communication tool to explore model-based results of your compound’s product profile. Through the DMX interface you and your development team colleagues can address key strategic development questions by comparing probabilistic outcomes for different endpoints, treatment strategies, patient populations, and competing products.
Focusing on evidence-based health policy decisions.
Evaluates costs, outcomes, and quality of life in clinical trials; studies physician and patient decision making; and conducts health services research in such areas as access to care, geographic variation, and managed care.
Global provider of solutions and tools focused on maximizing the communication and application of clinical, economic, and humanistic outcomes research.
ERG offers a broad range of services, including financial and economic impact modeling, survey design and implementation, statistical analysis, and market and econometric modeling.
Consultants in microeconomics, law & economics, public policy, and business strategy.
Consulting group that includes the following: Quantify and communicate the value of pharmaceutical brands; provide physicians access to specialty products for in-office administration; provide patient financial incentives to comply with their medication; warehouse and manage healthcare data. The company has two distinct divisions: 1) eMAX Central-Access Rx: through a nationwide network of over 55,000 retail and specialty pharmacies we provide improved patient access to medicine through point-of-service economic assistance programs, and an innovative specialty distribution system for office-based treatments. 2) eMAX Healthcare Research: through an independent global analytics research team, we conduct comparative effectiveness research to assess the value of pharmaceutical products.
EMEDITS Global Ltd. Provider of strategic medical writing and scientific consulting solutions.
Boutique consulting firm specializing in healthcare information management strategies, process improvement, claims administration, network strategy, analytical services and decision support. In addition we provide services in episode and risk prediction modeling and support for applications used to categorize patient populations by severity of risk, like the CRGs® model currently used by CMS.
International resource that supports basic and clinical research in environmental health sciences and exposure assessment and fosters associated programs in environmental health education and public policy. EOHSI is jointly sponsored by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
EPI-Q is a scientific consultancy dedicated to novel research, strategic direction and knowledge translation. EPI-Q uncovers the value of health care innovation by generating, synthesizing, analyzing, and publishing evidence that demonstrates outcomes. EPI-Q then integrates knowledge gained from evidence into clinical practice using innovative methodologies.
Academic study in Health Policy and Management, and lectures at Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences. Downloadable pdf files of reports available.
Focusing on scientific cooperation in HTA in Europe, thirty four government appointed organisations from the EU Member States, Accession Countries and EEA work together to help developing reliable, timely, transparent and transferable information to contribute to HTAs in European countries. The EUnetHTA Joint Action builds on the achievements of a number of the previous European initiatives including the EUnetHTA Project (2006-2008) and the Pharmaceutical Forum (on relative effectiveness).
This article addresses the advantages, disadvantages, and traps to which evidence-based medicine (EBM) may lead and suggests that, to be ethically valid, EBM must be aimed at the patient's best interests and not at the financial interests of others. (Source:Erich H. Loewy, MD, Professor of Medicine (emeritus), University of California)
At EviMed Research Group, LLC, we have developed methods to help our clients to articulate not only the value propositions for their technologies, but also their appropriate use standards. These partnerships allow us to deliver highly sought-after evidence on how to optimize the use of these valuable assets to promote better health, and at the same time to serve as stewards of the limited healthcare resources.
Provides Vitalnet software for analyzing and disseminating health statistics/data sets to run on desktop or web browser. Makes tables, charts, maps, stats.
More than 50 million members, rich and diverse database on drug usage and demographics, and a history of partnering with pharmaceutical companies.
Manage medical web conferences. Online event management, complete customization of website to match educational initiative, evaluations, marketing/reg support, summary reports, AV production and logistics coordination
Multi-disciplinary group of faculty and staff dedicated to conducting research on key issues in health policy and health services research. Institute members are engaged in a wide diversity of projects, focusing on issues relating to health care financing, the uninsured, federal health insurance reforms, quality of care and outcomes research, mental health services research, and the impact of changes in the health care market on providers and patients.
GfK Bridgehead provides clients from the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics sectors with a broad range of pricing, reimbursement, market access and health economic support.
Part of The COHRED Group, a non-governmental organization committed to research and innovation for health. The Global Forum has engaged thousands of stakeholders in research for health from around the world, from all walks of research, funding and policy, uniting them for one common goal: improving health and health equity worldwide through research.
Providing quality quantitative analysis and economic evaluation to the pharmaceutical industry. Offices in US and Australia.
Specialist consulting firm providing market access solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. GMA Solutions utilizes value-based pricing techniques, and our knowledge of international pricing and reimbursement trends to develop global market access strategies. GMA Solutions can also offer a variety of communication strategies to optimize commercial success.
Evidence-based health economic and meta-analystical consulting. Core expertise has been in health economics and evidence-based medicine reviews. However we have successfully adapted our techniques into several commercial settings.
Health information service business; has database with Payroll Data; Attendance, Absence and Disability Data; Workers Compensation Data; Health Plan Data, including Drug Safety Data, when available Individual Health & Productivity Data. Also provides consulting services to employers not large enough for database services, and includes technical assistance in health benefits design and implementation, and human capital risk management training.
Specializing in valuation consulting, financial analysis, litigation support, management consulting, merger and consolidation, provider & practices, library and research services, information systems / technology services for healthcare providers and their advisors.
Healthcare information systems featuring a fully integrated clinical and financial information system designed for the continuum of care. Our product, INTERACTANT, is a fully integrated clinical and financial information system designed for the continuum of care.
Independent database acquisition agent helps HEOR researchers select among and license US claims databases, EHRs, hospital databases, options in Europe and more. Services are free to researchers.
Provides software and online tools for disease management programs, patient and healthcare provider education programs, healthcare administrator programs and health outcomes assessment programs. Link to a number of online calculators for cost effectiveness research
A leading provider of care management and analytic services and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bupa, a global provider of healthcare services
Health Economic consulting and dedicated Excel-based software tools for the health economist
HERI seeks to advance the cause of improving health care delivery systems, with an emphasis on market-based public policy solutions with limited government responsibility, through research, sponsoring seminars, coalition building, and other means consistent with the mission
The Health Information Research Unit (HIRU) in the Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Department at McMaster University conducts research in the field of health information science and is dedicated to the generation of new knowledge about the nature of health and clinical information problems, the development of new information resources to support evidence-based health care, and the evaluation of various innovations in overcoming health care information problems.
Focused on developing and validating PRO measures including health-related quality of life, treatment satisfaction, resource utilization, and workplace productivity, and using these measures in multi-national studies, including clinical trials and real-world, observational studies. In addition, the company has experience conducting economic evaluations, and in the statistical interpretation of health outcomes.
Health Outcomes Worldwide has shared the benefits of its innovative approach to outcome measurement with hundreds of health care organizations. Our mission is to help you improve patient outcomes, decrease care cost, demonstrate commitment to the continuous quality improvement process and develop strategies for future success.
A science-based consulting firm conducting scientific research into human behaviour as it relates to population health. Design, conduct, and evaluate school-based prevention programs, workplace wellness programs, CME/CHE programs, medication compliance programs, population health evaluations, etc.
A consulting firm specializing in patient reported outcomes research and qualitative research
Health Utilities Inc (HUInc) specializes in preference-based (utility) measures of health-related quality of life for use in describing treatment processes and outcomes in clinical studies; economic evaluations of health care programs; the measurement and monitoring of population health.
HealthActCHQ gives voice to patients' and families' perspectives through our industry-leading outcomes surveys to assess health-related quality of life and its impact on everyday functioning and well-being.
Specialist provider of rapid & progressive, face-to-face learning in a wide range therapy & business areas. High calibre programs taught by leading, practising physicians & experts. Ideal for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industry personnel.
ALBA Consultants specialize in medical economic and informatics analysis of life science and healthcare data. ALBA Consultants can perform the following activities and analyses: Convert raw data, from multiple disparate data sources into usable and useful information; Predictive Modeling; Statistical Analysis; Strategic Market and Product Research; Opportunity Profiling™; Analysis of Disease Management Programs; Statistical Analysis of Clinical Trials; Disease Registries; Disease-Specific Report Cards; Risk Stratification; Outcomes Research; Pharmacoeconomic Analysis; Physician Profiling
Premier advisory service for executives seeking high-quality strategic information on the business of healthcare. This information hub draws from more than 50 exclusive publications covering five key areas: managed care; hospital and health system management; health law and regulation; clinical care and outcomes; and the healthcare industry.
Health outcomes and clinical research company specializing in research in the managed care setting. As independent subsidiary of Wellpoint, Inc.(the nation's largest health benefits company), HealthCore has years of longitudinal patient data representing millions of lives. Unique data set containing laboratory results.
Switzerland-based consulting company specializing in health- and pharmacoeconomics, strategy and organisation in health care
The first Norwegian research programme in health economics. T
HERQuLES is a leader in collecting and analyzing data on the use of health care products and services and on their clinical, economic, quality of life, and satisfaction outcomes. Strategic Planning, Pricing & Communication Support; Patient Registries & Prospective Studies; Retrospective Analysis & Economic Modeling; Health-related Quality of Life and Patient-Reported Outcomes Evaluation
Heron is a leading health outcomes, pricing, and reimbursement consultancy focused on enabling the global healthcare industry to access constrained markets and realise the value of its products. Heron specialises in providing systematic reviews, economic evaluation, and pricing and reimbursement intelligence, designed to meet the varying needs of our clients.
Abacus International launched this online database, which contains a summary of the clinical and cost effectiveness evidence base reviewed by NICE along with headline recommendations. Quickly find previous guidance with simple search engine, review statistical summary of approval rates and factors that affect them, print a report containing primary headline guidance for each TA and product, and more.
Global product development services provider with the full-spectrum operational and therapeutic expertise to help pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies improve patient care—faster and more efficiently, with less risk and expense.
IHE is a non profit research institute and IHEs aim it to promote favourable developments in health care in Sweden and in other countries.
Medical financial planners. Provides other legal/technologic consulting, and has forums/newsgroups to join.
Multi-disciplinary specialists in health economics and outcomes research have proven expertise at the global, regional and local level, generating the real-world evidence of value that enables more informed decision making.
The combination of INC Research and Kendle is an exceptional fit, uniting two CROs with proven therapeutic and international capabilities to form a new force in the industry that ranks among the top tier CROs based on size, scale and geographic depth. The new company now employs approximately 5,000 employees across six continents who have experience spanning more than 100 countries.
As the vision of a group of educationalists who conceived of the trends of clinical research, ICRI was created in 2004 to satisfy the ever-raising demand for prepared leaders in this field. It is the prime institute to contribute conventional clinical research training in India. ICRI is the nation’s prime Clinical Research Institute which is only centered on specified Clinical Research Programmes.
German consulting firm providing HEOR support
Infusion’s Strategic Pricing and Market Access practice provides expertise in engineering, evidencing and capturing the value of key product assets. The firm specializes in hospital, physician-administered and complex outpatient products and is best known for its extensive work with orphan drugs
Global consulting firm providing strategy, market analysis, technology assessment, pricing, and health economics services to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device clients
Through a unique collaboration with patients, clinicians, manufacturers, insurers and other healthcare stakeholders, the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) develops tools to support patient decisions and medical policy that share the goal of achieving maximum value for every healthcare dollar.
Analyzes approaches to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health care. Using empirical methods, economic, socioeconomic and management issues are investigated at the level of health systems and populations, at the level of care strategies and technologies, and at the level of health care institutions. The institute is organized in three research units: Translational Health Economics, Economic Evaluation, and Health Services Management.
Not-for-profit scientific organization dedicated to research into the theoretical foundations and the practical application of economic evaluation of health care programs, including regulatory and budget imoact analyses and health care utilization research
A French not-for-profit organization that analyses trends in the behavior of consumers and health care professionals from a medical, economic, geographic and sociological perspective
German site. Provides modeling, econometrics, benchmarking, market analysis services to health care authorities, to international pharmaceutical companies, to sickness funds and health care insurers and to clinical research programs.
IHE is a Canadian based not-for-profit organization committed to producing, gathering, and disseminating health research findings from health economics, health policy, health technology assessment and comparative effectiveness to improve the delivery of health care
News and resources related to health & productivity research and employer research.
Multidimensional platform which is structured to combine aspects of traditional retrospective and prospective study designs with data obtained from physicians' offices, diagnostic laboratories and additional administrative data sets in the pursuit of "real world solutions" to clinical research and health outcomes research studies. Clinical studies span the full range of methodology from simple surveys, to registries, to complex phase 2-4 pharmacologic studies.
INOR’s mission is to apply innovative technologies to improve the quality of healthcare by collecting and reporting real-world patient and physician data to improve clinical decision making and outcomes for treatment of chronic diseases. INOR’s Chronic Pain Impact Network™ (CPAIN) program is a web-based system designed to help healthcare providers partner with their patients to better manage chronic pain. Visit the CPAIN section of our website to learn more about how INOR is changing the landscape of chronic pain management.
invivodata announced for a limited time, complimentary PRO Gap Analysis service to help pharmaceutical research teams better understand what they should be doing differently in light of the FDA's final Guidance on PROs in clinical research. PRO Gap Analysis presents an opportunity for pharmaceutical and medical device researchers to speak with Senior PRO Scientists to assess what will be expected of them in their clinical research and PRO data from a regulatory standpoint.(Source:PR Web, March 24, 2010)
One-stop medical marketing solution provider for their clients within the pharmaceutical industry. The JestaRx Group provides solutions all the way from strategic planning, through advisory boards, market research, retrospective and prospective data analysis, and on to presentations, manuscripts, and posters.
Managed Healthcare Consultants in South Africa
Providing reimbursement, outcomes, and marketing support to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.
Kantar Health is a global, evidence-based decision support partner to the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies. Our 700+ staff act as catalysts, working closely with customers to drive distinctive decision-making that helps them prioritize product development and portfolios, differentiate their brands and ensure product profitability after launch. We are unique in that we bring together clinical, medical and methodological expertise, commercial/marketing know-how and proprietary data. With offices in over 40 countries, we excel at solving technically or logistically challenging projects around the world and across the product lifecycle, combining on-the-ground know-how and global and national proprietary data to quickly identify value drivers. As part of WPP, we can also incorporate highly innovative thinking from outside the industry into our solutions.
KNG Health Consulting, LLC, is a health economics and policy consulting company assisting clients across all sectors of the healthcare industry to navigate the ever-changing health policy landscape. With each project, we apply our expertise in rigorous analytical techniques and qualitative research, our knowledge of health policy and payment systems, and our ability to translate our findings into actionable approaches to answer the health policy questions that matter most to our clients.
Kru Research is a global think tank focused on "empowered patients" - those who are increasingly marshalling digital technologies and communicating with peers to actively manage their health. Our aim is to lead the ecosystem of life science professionals, Health 2.0 companies, and e-Patients themselves as we collectively nurture the inevitable change to patient-centered health system.
LA-SER Analytica integrates outcomes research and commercial insights to offer pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device clientele evidence-based value strategies and tactics for their products.
Health economics consulting, European offices in London, Dublin, Paris, and Brussels.
LSE Health and Social Care (LSEHSC) - a research centre in the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science - was established in 2000. It brought together in one centre LSE Health and the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU). The Centre's fundamental mission is the production and dissemination of high quality research in health and social care.
HESA is made up of around 45 academic staff and 5 administrative support staff. We cover a range of disciplines including health economics, policy analysis, public health and epidemiology, clinical medicine, and social science. A number of staff are based in overseas sites, including Thailand, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria. We support research degree students across a variety of health system-related topics.
MakroCare is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) providing Functional Services like site management, clinical monitoring, CDM, medical affairs to Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device industries in India, Japan and Singapore.
Collaborative research in the field of patient-reported outcomes (PRO) since 1994. Links to questionnaires and linguestics translations
MarCom Group International works with US and global pharmaceutical and medical-surgical device companies to develop world-class medical content, marketing communications programs, and medical education/health economics activities for physicians, surgeons and related healthcare stakeholders.
Market Access Solutions (MKTXS) provides pharmaceutical and medical device companies with the market research and accessibility data they need to make the right decisions across a product’s life cycle.
MArS Market Access & Pricing Strategy is a specialized consulting agency in the health care market access area with a special focus and experience in the following two key areas: Global development and market access strategies in the various lifecycle stages of a product (Phase I-Phase IV); German market access strategies with the focus on the German Law for Reforming the Market for Pharmaceuticals (AMNOG)
Consulting firm devoted policy research and analysis. Large scale surveys/data collection, decision analytic tools, etc.
Our Life Sciences & Medical Devices Practice Group provides fully integrated, multidisciplinary legal services to the life sciences industry. Provide service in the areas of intellectual property; corporate and corporate finance; products regulation and reimbursement; legislative and government regulations, including OSHA, environmental and food and agriculture; health regulatory; mass tort; and product liability; securities; executive compensation; and labor/employment; tax and international trade.
Dedicated to improving drug use through research and education. Areas of focus include pharmacoeconomics, drug epidemiology, and drug policy
Since 1980, Medical Device Consultants, Inc. (MDCI) has provided regulatory, clinical, and quality assurance consulting services to help medical device and diagnostic product manufacturers meet those requirements.
Medical marketing consultants; fills staffing needs if you are short-handed.
As a leading medical informatics solutions provider, MedAssurant is able to achieve a superior healthcare dataset consisting of highly targeted, timely, and pertinent components of information. Armed with this information, MedAssurant is able to deliver unparalleled value in the assessment and improvement of clinical and quality outcomes, care management, utilization, and financial performance.
Specializes in reaching stakeholders who influence value-related decisions about product usage but who are not formally trained in health economics (pharmacy managers, hospital managers, pharmaceutical advisers, formulary committee members and senior clinicians). Services include developing user-friendly models intended for use by key account managers and senior sales representatives in meetings with budget-holders, decision-makers and influencers. Also provide evidence shaping, value story development, value dossiers, value toolkits, commercially-oriented health economic training and a wide range of other services. Medaxial is based in Central London, with a subsidiary office in New York serving the North American marketplace.
Drug Regulatory Affairs, Medical Writing and Scientific Advice to the domestic and international Pharmaceutical Industry.
Medical Decision Modeling Inc.'s mission is to provide products and services that facilitate cost-effective healthcare decisions. MDM's core competencies lie in the development of: 1) engineering-based interactive software applications called medical decision models; 2) evidenced-based pharmaceutical dossiers; and 3) the database analysis of electronic claims and medical records to inform the models, dossiers, and other decision tools.
Provides planning, management, and design services to thousands of physicians and other health care providers throughout the Southeast and in many other areas of the country. We offer a wide range of Ask-A-Consultant Forum services, each with the objective of providing our clients with a sound basis for making important practice management decisions.
Consulting group providing value-based strategies and market research for health care goods and services. MME has extensive experience helping clients understand the value perceptions of patients, payers, and health care professionals, as well as a company’s own needs and abilities. MME uses its ValueFrameSM methodology to determine these perceptions and decide which of them matter in any given situation. We then advise our customers on the optimal activities to recognize, enhance, and capture the value they are offering.
Not for profit organization dedicated to improving health and health care by promoting the science of outcomes measurement. The goal of the Medical Outcomes Trust is to achieve the universal adoption of health outcomes assessment in health care to improve the value of health care services.
Mediclever Reimbursement Consultants manages end-to-end reimbursement projects for life-science companies, selling pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the US and Europe
Dutch consultants for Pharmacoeconomics, Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs
MediQual™ is a clinical information management business of Quantros, Inc. For over 20 years we have provided clinically sound, scientifically superior products and services for the measurement and improvement of hospital performance. MediQual™ has developed scientifically sound statistical models over the past 20 years. We use proven quality science to risk adjust data using both automated clinical and administrative data to achieve a more precise predictive power at the lowest cost.
MedLitera is a small, specialized writing group committed to providing high-quality written materials for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) professionals. Our writers are versed in both the clinical and economic aspects of health care. We help our clients prepare articles for publication, AMCP dossiers, product value dossiers, and targeted marketing materials.
Canadian health economics consulting practice with extensive global experience in all aspects of health economics and outcomes research.
MedMining, a Geisinger Health System business, offers custom, de-identified, EMR data extracts that represent the continuum of care provided at Geisinger. MedMining offers custom, de-identified, EMR based data extracts, that deliver unique insights into pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes. Representing both inpatient and outpatient settings, from primary to specialty care, our data includes: lab results, vital signs, medications, procedures, diagnoses, lifestyle data, and detailed costs.
eClinical technology solutions company supporting the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries. Providing innovative, yet proven web-based electronic data capture and clinical study management solutions, MedNet helps you deploy efficient and successful clinical studies, registries and investigator initiated trials.
Serves global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with analytic, market-focused approach in new product commercialization (including segmentation/positioning/targeting), promotion response measurement and sales force optimization, demand forecasting, and portfolio planning.
Midas Consulting has the largest knowledge base of the Argentinean HMO market, having experience analyzing other Latin American markets, such as Chile and Brazil. The company can assess and propose strategies, market entries and performance increases.
international consortium of leaders in field of health economics and outcomes research, as well as technology assessment, covering Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, United States, Canada, Italy, and United Kingdom.
The Centre for Health Economics has been at the forefront of health economics teaching and research in Australia for more than 19 years. As one of the largest concentrations of senior health economists in Australia, it has a strong track record of health economics research, teaching and community service. The overriding goal of the Centre is to undertake and promote high quality health economics research and teaching activities, with both a national and international focus.
National Economic Research Associates (NERA)provides consulting services in health reform, pharmaceutical regulation and pharmacoeconomic evaluation.
The Institute of Health & Society contributes significantly to Newcastle University's mission of Transforming Health. Our vision is to transform the health of individuals and populations through pioneering translational research and education in public health, health services research and health-related social science.
At OncoNeth Partners, we specialize in creating an optimal platform for fast and sustainable European market access. Based in the Netherlands.
OptumInsight – previously Ingenix – specializes in technology services, information, analytics, business services and consulting. We provide resources that combine connectivity with intelligence to major participants in the health industry – enabling them to make better business and health care decisions.
Real-world studies are not one size fits all. Each program must be designed and managed in a way that meets its specific purpose(s). Whether your study is for a product (drug or device), healthcare service (e.g., procedure), disease, condition, or a combination of any of these—and whether it is a study of safety, benefit-risk management, outcomes and health economics, clinical and cost effectiveness, or quality—Outcome has a team to help you accomplish your objectives.
Our customized solutions allow supporting our clients throughout the entire product life cycle, i.e. from the early clinical development phases up to the post-marketing phase.
Since being founded over 13 years ago, Oxford Outcomes has established a reputation for practical consultancy, problem-solving and methodological innovation. Through strategic mergers, appointments and partnerships we have built on our strong academic and professional links to become an international market leader in Health Economics, Epidemiology, PRO research and PRO translation. In 2011, Oxford Outcomes continued its growth plan by merging with the global market leader in outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, ICON Plc. Together with ICON, Oxford Outcomes offers a broader suite of services in Late Phase and Outcomes Research.
National consulting firm providing strategic planning, market analysis, service line development, acquisition, start-up, turnaround, interim management and executive search to hospitals.
PAREXEL is a leading bio/pharmaceutical services organization that helps clients expedite time-to-market through our development and launch services. Our respected teams of global clinical and consulting experts provide clients with customized strategic and scientific solutions in the areas of Health Outcomes and Observational Research, Medical Affairs Marketing, Reimbursement and Market Access, and Technology. For more information on our services, visit us at
PHAR, LLC provides consulting and research services to development, marketing, and health economics professionals in the life science industry.
Consists of multiple research programs in economic evaluation and health technology assessment (HTA). PATH's educational and research activities are separated into 5 primary programs: the Field Evaluation and Economic Assessment Program (FEEAP); the Health Technology Assessment Program (HTAP); the Trial and Economic Modelling Methodology Program (TEMMP); the St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) Health Technology Assessment Appraisal & Review Program (SHARP); and the Health Technology Assessment Educational Learning Program (HELP).
Find Patients Just Like You by sharing information.Answer simple questions to create a shared health profile to see how you’re doing over time. Search by gender, age, treatments, symptoms, and time since diagnosis to easily connect with patients like you. Learn from real-world treatment and symptom reports, forum discussions, health profiles, one-on-one conversations and more.
Perceptive Informatics is a leading eClinical solutions provider that helps customers accelerate the drug development process.
We provide external medical peer reviews and independent health care review services for government agencies and large health care providers, and help them control escalating health care costs while providing appropriate medical care.
Outline of skills and experience of Dr Peter West, Health Economist, and associates
Pharmametrics is a research consulting company based in Germany and specialize in epidemiology, health economics, outcomes & market access data. Our services include epidemiological reports (disease incidence, prevalence, treatment patterns, and outcomes); health economic evaluation studies and modeling (cost-effectiveness and budget impact models), systematic literature reviews; preparation of global value dossiers (GVDs); databases for maintaining global value dossier data; dossier slide decks for various therapeutic indications.
Health Outcomes and Health Technology Assessment consultancy offering multidisciplinary insights and creative solutions based on best available evidence. Full spectrum service from evidence sythesis and data analysis to health economc modelling and health policy issues.
IT Strategic Consulting Group.
Full service Contract Research Organization (CRO) with over 20 years of clinical research and specializing in cancer studies. Our US-based network of over 250 oncology clinics offers clinical cancer trials as a treatment option to cancer patients. The Network of facilities and professionals is maintained through ongoing communication and support.
Norwegian consultancy with dedicated focus on health economics, in particular pharmacoeconomics and associated fields. We provide outsourcing and other services for the public and private sector, and we are responsible for the training within our areas of focus at university level.
International organization conducting worldwide research in the field of Health Economics and Outcomes Research.
Independent scientific research organisation dedicated to the study of drug use and outcomes. The PHARMO Institute has direct access to large and high quality pharmacoepidemiological databases linking drug, patient level and pharmacy data and is staffed with academic trained specialists in epidemiology, pharmacotherapy, medicine and informatics.
Polar Health Economics and Policy located in Ankara- Turkey provide service a specialized consulting and training in health technology assessment, health economics and pharmacoeconomic analyses, reimbursement/market access, pricing, policy analysis, healthcare financing and costing studies, market research, and hospital management.
Since 1973, PAI has been finding innovative solutions to problems in health economics for its clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and medical-device industries. PAI is a contract-research and consulting firm specializing in outcomes research, pharmacoeconomic and quality of life studies, registries, and phamacoepidemiology, either as part of clinical trials or stand-alone. Based in Massachusetts.
PPD is a leading global contract research organization providing discovery, development and post-approval services as well as compound partnering programs. Our clients and partners include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, academic and government organizations. PPD applies innovative technologies, therapeutic expertise and a commitment to quality to help its clients and partners maximize returns on their R&D investments and accelerate the delivery of safe and effective therapeutics to patients.
Serving more than 2,500 U.S. hospitals and 76,000-plus other healthcare sites, the Premier healthcare alliance and its members are transforming healthcare together. Approximately 200 hospitals and health systems created and entirely own the Premier alliance. Premier's mission is "to improve the health of communities." Premier collects data from participating hospitals. We house the nation's largest detailed clinical and financial database, holding information on more than 130 million patient discharges. Web-based tools allow hospitals to compare their performance in specific areas to peers and best performers, find opportunities for improvement, and track the results of their efforts.
Pretium is a fully Australian-owned pharmaceutical consulting firm that offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated services across 4 business lines - market intelligence, health economics, late phase research and disease management. Pretium supports distinct needs for effective health care interventions and pharmaceuticals including the custom design and execution of programs incorporating a range of research methodologies and initiatives focusing on the peri- and post-PBAC phases for pharmaceuticals.
PriceSpective are value strategy consultants who undertake Pricing & Reimbursement and market access projects. We help companies direct their development towards areas of unmet need from a payer perspective. We set launch prices and maintenance of optimal access throughout the product life cycle. Through this PriceSpective helps healthcare systems, payers, patients and society and in doing so we ultimately help our clients achieve success.
Part of University of Minnesota. PRIME is an independent and global research, education and consulting organization whose mission is the study of the economic and policy issues to help improve popular access to pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical services.
Supports the medical products industry with comprehensive services in the area of third-party payer reimbursement. PRG provides strategic assessment and specialized programs, from concept stage through post-launch, designed to increase the potential for positive reimbursement decisions by private and government insurers.
PRMA Consulting provides best in class strategic, commercial and technical based pricing, reimbursement and market access advisory services to companies to overcome their global and local market access hurdles across the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
PRMA Virtual is a flexible subscription-based service providing best in class strategic, commercial and technical based pricing, reimbursement and market access advisory services at your fingertips.
Division of invivodata®, inc., provides consulting services to help clinical research teams effectively develop, execute, and document patient reported outcome (PRO) strategies to support their clinical research objectives.
Develops conceptual models and instruments. In partnership with the Department of Occupational Therapy and Centre for Health Promotion, at the University of Toronto, the unit carries out quality of life research that relates to communities, families, and individuals from a variety of population groups. Instruments, reports, manuals, and other publications developed through our research are made available on a cost-recovery basis.
Provider of health status and outcomes measurement products and services that use proprietary and analytical methodologies to capture, benchmark, and interpret actionable patient-reported health information.
Contract research organization with groups focused on clinical trials, medical marketing, health economics, and communications.
Specializing in market intelligence, outcomes data, and reimbursement solutions.
Policy think-tank, and offers graduate programs. Developers of RAND SF-36, the general quality of life assessment tool.
Recombinant builds reliable data warehouses and reporting systems that integrate the complex clinical concepts of evidence-based medicine to transform healthcare data into meaningful, actionable views, including views for C-level executives who need metrics to support P4P performance, board-level reports and Joint Commission accreditation
Redshift offer a range of pricing research techniques and services.
Industry's largest clinical research organization (CRO) dedicated solely to "real-world" clinical research. We provide strategic and operational expertise as well as services in the design and conduct of late phase studies globally.
CRO with reimbursement & health economics consulting as part of clinical trial development.
RI provides unbiased, independent advisement based upon our in-depth analysis. RI senior staff are highly experienced in most product markets and can provide immediate valuable insights to the due diligence process
Reimbursement IQ develops and implements winning coverage and reimbursement strategies that ensure rapid product uptake as well as increased profitability, market share, and competitive advantage.
Delivers policy analysis, critical information, decision-making tools, and policy advice for governments, civil society organizations, and external funders to use to reduce poverty and accelerate social and economic progress in low and middle income countries.
International public health advisory agency that supports governments, international agencies, and consulting firms. Our multidisciplinary technical insight, analysis and training bring about innovative improvements in health and development.
Australian health services research company (Sydney-based, active in S.E.Asia) specializing in improving decision making. ROA work in healthcare and service industries where there is a significant decision-making component.
The mission of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is to improve the health and health care of all Americans. Our goal is clear: To help Americans lead healthier lives and get the care they need.
A business unit of RTI International, RTI Health Solutions (RTI-HS) provides consulting and research expertise to help pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and medical device companies develop and commercialize their products. Offering broad professional and industry experience, RTI-HS staff includes experts in health economics, patient-reported outcomes, market access and outcomes strategy, health preference assessment, epidemiology, biometrics, drug safety and pharmacovigilance and clinical development.
RTI is an independent, nonprofit institute that provides research, development, and technical services to government and commercial clients worldwide. Our mission is to improve the human condition by turning knowledge into practice.
Rx Communications is a global medical communications agency specializing in health economics and outcomes research offering services such as value dossiers, strategic communication plans, process auditing, literature reviews and analysis, & health economics communications literature.
Supporting 30 million members in all 50 states, RxEOB is the industry leader in applying web technology, analytics, and automated services to improve the efficiency and quality of the pharmacy benefit.
Specializes in Medicaid, Medicare, HIV and Oncology issues related to pharmaceutical, biotech and laboratory regulatory policies.
São Paulo Center for health economics, a center at the Federal University of São PAulo - Brazil
Full-service medical publishing group specializing in the development of scientific literature and other resource media
Consulting group dedicated to the development and validation of instruments
Physicians around the nation exchange the latest medical insights with each other and improve patient outcomes - 24/7. Used for epidemiology, patient outcomes, surveys, etc.
Specialist career networking forum for Healthcare Economics Professionals.
One person owned consulting company providing strategic insight, analysis and input throughout the poduct life cycles including outcomes research
Sixsigmaqi2 provides online information and training on Six Sigma Certification, and customize courses at no additional cost.
Description of consulting services focused on development and operation of client tailored clinical and business intelligence programs.
Key provider of management report publications, subscription products and conference documentation, SMi will help you to keep up-to-date on the latest developments within your industry sector.
The Solid Research Group is a consulting company that specializes in statistical and econometric analysis, technical writing, and the preparation of papers for submission to peer-reviewed journals.
Information products company serving the healthcare industry. Solucient provides comparative measurements of cost, quality, and market performance. Maintains the nation's largest healthcare database, comprised of more than 26 million discharges per year from 2,900 hospitals - representing 77.5 percent of all discharges.
The Medstat statistical informatics group optimizes the delivery of statistical information to federal and state government decisionmakers and analysts as well as other customers. We draw on our statistical expertise in a range of activities, including conducting statistical analyses, managing data development, determining sample size and power requirements, recommending methods and approaches for solving particular problems, presenting statistical results to both technical and non-technical audiences, and consulting on and implementing statistical computing using a variety of languages such as SAS and Stata.
Providing statistical consulting for health research (epidemiology, economics, survey methodology, etc.).
Computational models, econometrics, finance, and game theory.
Consulting and data-mining firm developing focused analytical tools for the health care industry. The firm has created a number of important tools (Evidence of Value Model, Disease Incidence Model).
Value Analysis Software, training and cost management solutions, Productivity Management Software, Benchmarking and implementation Services
SDI is the leading provider of real-time localized illness tracking and modeling data to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Conducts patient-level data analyses, patient education, treatment and wellness programs that drive therapeutic compliance and persistence. market research and marketing programs in the area of disease surveillance to pharmaceutical, consumer products companies and retailers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe, and Australia. We have 17 years of experience in respiratory illness tracking and 11 years of experience in influenza-specific tracking.
Established in 1998, Tag & Associates provides pricing and reimbursement planning and problem solving for emerging and established life science companies, the service industries supporting them and health technology investors.
Technomics Research is a consulting group located in Minneapolis. The company is dedicated to the demonstration of the value of healthcare technologies in support of coverage, reimbursement, and rapid dissemination into the market. Technomics’ health economists and statisticians offer cutting-edge modeling and analytic techniques. Among them are cost-effectiveness analyses, economic modeling including Markov models, comparative effectiveness analyses, piggy-backed economic studies on clinical trials, Bayesian methods, adaptive trial designs, and more. The company produces reports, white papers, journal articles, interactive models and pro formae, presentations, and other media to communicate the value message to regulatory bodies, healthcare payers, purchasers, and providers.
Dan Dunlop is president of Jennings, a North Carolina-based branding and advertising agency with a specialty in healthcare marketing
The Lewin Group is a healthcare policy research and management consulting firm with a staff of 250 with headquarters in Washington, DC and additional offices in six countries: Belgium, Canada, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the USA.
The healthcare industry's trusted source for specialty pharmaceutical consulting, web products, and data analytics. Therigy delivers a suite of products and services to manufacturers, payors, and pharmacies that are essential for success and continued growth in the specialty pharmacy channel. Therigy’s flagship product —™ — is tailored to meet the growing needs for specialty pharmacies to support Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS), manufacturer service agreements and payor contracts.
Healthcare includes solutions for: clinicians, employers, federal government, state governments, global, health plans, hospitals/healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, researchers. Science brands include: Thomson Reuters Pharma, Web of Science, Thomson Reuters Integrity.
Offers programs in Clinical Decision Support, Employer HC cost drivers, EBM, government cost control programs
Regulatory affairs services in Poland and EU. We are former Polish Authority experts who assessed dossier in national procedure, MRP, DCP, central procedure (EMEA) and were involved in preparation of Polish pharmaceutical regulations.
Leading consultancy in market access, payer solutions, etc. Has 800 person Advisory Board. Based in UK.
Outcomes research based quality improvement programs. Based on outcome evaluations, we specialize in the improvement of quality through subsequent physican and patient education.
Delivers access to medical directors and pharmacy directors from payors for healthcare services companies, information technology providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and other companies offering products and services of interest to our advisors. TPG-NPRT provides interactive educational programs where decision makers meet.
TRAC Services is a UK-based company that provides regulatory affairs consultancy and patient information leaflet user testing to pharma clients looking for project management and advice on EU regulatory requirements and strategy.TRAC provides long term or interim regulatory resource off-site.
TreeAge Software, Inc. publishes, sells, and supports decision analysis software.
Value Based Strategic Marketing Consultancy
TrialStat’s patent-pending electronic systematic review (ESR) methodology delivers transparent, reproducible and auditable reviews fast and with improved accuracy and quality.
global scientific and medical affairs organization that partners with life science companies to develop and commercialize their products. We help generate authoritative, real-world evidence of product effectiveness, safety and value to assist health care decisions and enhance patient care.
We have modest goals: Improve the lives of others. Change the landscape of health care forever. Leave the world a better place than we found it. Such aspirations tend to attract a certain type of person. Crazy talented. Compassionate. Driven. To these select few, we offer the global reach, resources and can-do culture of a Fortune 22 company. We provide an environment where you’re empowered to be your best. We encourage you to take risks. We believe the most important is the opportunity to do your life’s best work. Are you in? Learn more at:
The Unit is part of the Division of Applied Health Sciences within the College of Life Sciences and Medicine. Core funding for the Unit is received from the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) of the Scottish Government Health Directorates. Substantial additional funding also comes from competitive research grants, training activities, commissioned research, and the University of Aberdeen.
The Peters Institute of Pharmaceutical Care is a research and program development unit within the College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota. The fundamental purpose of the Institute is to advance the practice of pharmaceutical care.
Promotes efficiency and effectiveness in the marketing and management of products and services in all segments of the pharmaceutical industry.
Providing research of worldwide repute, its principal areas of activity include Economic evaluation of health technologies; Outcome measurement; Resource allocation;Health policy. There is also Health Economics Discussion Board.
Primarily concerned with issues related to how the dynamics of the health care market affect health care financing, costs, and access.
Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategies, Advertising Campaigns and Implementation Planning to help your company achieve your targeted goals. CEA, clinical trial design, reimbursement planning, etc. Has software to help with your coding problems, APC Impact Analysis, Physician CPT Coding, Medicare Patient Population Fee Analysis
Realize improved health outcomes and clinical cost containment with ViPS’ advanced predictive risk modeling, decision support and medical management solutions.
Vision provide Health Economic evaluations, models and justifications for Pharmaceuticals in all stages of development. Experts in the Regulatory processes of the USA and Europe
A US-based institution with unique research and service platforms in China, focusing on design and conduct evidence based clinical outcome research, epidemiology study, and health technology assessment. Our proprietary health information management, VitalSytem, which includes VitalEDC, VitalHIS, VitalManage, and a web-based study center, VitalConnect, is designed to be more cost-effectively conduct real world disease registry and health economic assessment.
Healthcare communication and strategy company
Wyatt Health Management specializes in pharmaceutical market access strategy, payer communications, pharmacoeconomics, submissions and listing negotiations. Our CDR Tracker® and pCODR Tracker® databases have the latest information for all drugs considered by reimbursement review bodies. We live and work in Canada, not just visit. You can have confidence in us!
For more than 2 decades, global companies as well as emerging pre-commercialization phase firms have turned to Xcenda for strategic insights, HEOR expertise, and reimbursement support. We create real-world messaging that quantifies, validates, and communicates a product's clinical and economic value. From oral pharmaceuticals and specialty drugs, to companion diagnostics and high-tech devices, no one understands the science of value better than Xcenda.
York Health Economic Consortium's purpose is to provide consultancy and research in health economics to the NHS and to the pharmaceutical and health care industries, which combines rigorous research standards with efficienct project delivery.
Independent consulting firm with international experience, specializing in the economic evaluation of health care interventions cost-effectiveness, cost –utility studies, pharmacoeconomics, health outcomes research, computer-based, interactive simulation modeling Markov models, statistical analyses, and web-based database management systems development.
Global provider of interactive multimedia models that are used in Phase III & IV. They provide custom pricing & reimbursement, sales and marketing software solutions.
Provide evidence-based products and services that empower our clients to measurably improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care.