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April 22, 2014
Issue 204

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  • News: Pfizer CEO Talks Pricing & Market Access; Oncologists Respond to Real-World Evidence; HEOR Jobs.
  • Spotlight Feature 1:  Want to learn more about PAYER RESEARCH in Canada? We know Canadian Payers! Wyatt Health Management.
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Industry News

What Does Pfizer CEO Say About Pharma Pricing, Market Access & The ACA? In this video, Pfizer CEO Ian Read, discusses the pricing and affordability of drugs in the US. Read also weighs in on insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Watch now. (Source:

Test Your Research IQ with this Fun Quiz, Using Everyday Examples….Can You Beat My Score (9/10)? These test questions are from one of Dr Steven Pinker's Harvard courses, "Psychological Science." To learn more about his approach and take a shot at his quiz. (Source: The New York Times).
What Is Missing In Pharma's Fatiguing Business Model? A recent study finds that over half of all drug approvals in the last 10 years have received approval without demonstrating any tangible benefit to the patient! Seriously? Pharmaceutical companies are going to need to radically alter their business models and place the patient at the very epicentre. (Source: Lynne Taylor, PharmaTimes, 4/8/14).

Will China See An End To Pharmaceutical Rebates? Following recent bribery scandals and increased government oversight in China, many pharmaceutical companies are reconsidering their use of rebate marketing in China. (Source: FirstWord Pharma, 4/11/14).
Are Oncologists Ready To Embrace Real-World Data? FirstWord Pharma polled 192 US and EU5 oncologists to gain some insight into the physician perceptive towards real-world data. (Source: FirstWord Pharma, 4/14/14).

Strategies for Working With Real World Data - A FirstWord Report. The pharmaceutical industry must keep abreast of how fast the supply and demand of RWD is occurring and be ready to apply key strategies to manage it. Take the first step and order your copy of Strategies for Working With Real World Data now! (Source: FirstWord, Oct/2013).
US Healthcare and Pharmacy Spending Increased In 2013. 2013 saw many changes in the healthcare field: Patent Expirations, Price increases, Greater healthcare utilization, Greater use of generic drugs, and New treatments for orphan diseases, as well as new treatments for other diseases like cancer, hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes. So what impact did all of these changes have on overall spending? (Source: First Report Managed Care, 4/16/14).
What Has France Done To Upset Big Pharma? In the never-ending battle to decrease ever rising healthcare cost, the french government has introduced the measure allowing pharmacists to substitute prescribed brand-name drugs with cheaper, similar versions. Being the first European country to take such a step, if it is a success, other countries may soon follow. Large drug makers, furious they were not consulted before the law was passed, are now discussing details with government officials. (Source: Reuters, 4/10/14).
US Government To Save $100 Billion!! The Congressional Budget Office is saying the Affordable Care Act will cost $100 Billion LESS than expected, and is attributing this to lower insurance premiums. (Source: Ryan McDermott, Fierce Government, 4/15/14).

CER Collaborative: Tools You Can Use. Did you miss the CER Collaborative's webinar last week? You can listen to these leading researchers now, on this archived webinar! In this archive, they explain how to use the tools that the Collaborative developed to create greater uniformity and transparency when evaluating evidence for coverage and health care decision-making. (Source: National Pharmaceutical Council).

ISPOR Student Network SAS Tutorial Series Discussion Board. The overall goal of the SAS tutorial is to provide practical demonstration of analyzing complex survey data and administrative claims data (EHRs). Archived SAS tutorial series presentations may be accessed on the ISPOR Student Network webpage as well. (Source: ISPOR, 4/12/14).
Google Glass - Support For Parkinson. UK researchers are to evaluate the potential of Google Glass to support people with Parkinson's disease by helping them retain their independence for longer.  How are they doing this? (Source: PMLiVE, 4/14/14).

What Impact Will The Sunshine Act Have On Medical Affairs?
Final regulations have recently been released for the Physician Payment Sunshine Law, part of the Affordable Care Act. Will the practice of medical affairs need to change in this new era? (Source: Zipher Medical Affiars, LLC).

Webinar: Introduction to Hep C Impact Monitor (HCIM). Zitter Health Insights offer this webinar taking place Wednesday, April 30 from 1:00-2:00pm EDT. It will cover 1) What is Hepatitis C Impact Monitor (HCIM)?, 2)Topics we cover and how might that change over time, 3) Awareness and assessment, future category management and administration burden and prescribing. RSVP today. (Source: Zitter Health Insights, 4/16/2014)

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Test Your Research IQ with this Fun Quiz, Using Everyday Examples….Can You Beat My Score (9/10)?

These test questions are from one of Dr Steven Pinker's Harvard courses, "Psychological Science." To learn more about his approach and take a shot at his quiz. (Source: The New York Times).

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Manager, Pricing and Market Access

Creativ-Ceutical - Chicago, IL



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Research Scientist, Health Economics Modeling & Simulation
Bethesda, Maryland
Research Scientist, Health Economics Modeling & Simulation
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HealthCore Late Phase Resarch Manager-81539
Andover, Massachusetts
Manager, Pricing and Market Access, CHicago, USA
Chicago, Illinois
Manager, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Chicago, USA
Chicago, Illinois
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Apr 22 - Apr 23, 2014 A Model Of Patient, Payer and Product Developer Collaboration To Support Innovating For Value Washington, DC USA
Apr 23 - Apr 23, 2014 Cognitive Interviewing for Evaluating Measurement Equivalence of Electronically Migrated PRO Instruments Branbury, Oxfordshire UK
Apr 23 - Apr 24, 2014 Europe Clinical Trials Outsourcing and Partnering Conference Frankfurt Germany
Apr 23 - Apr 24, 2014 Europe Data Management in Clinical Trials Conference 2014 Frankfurt Germany
Apr 23 - Apr 25, 2014 MASS East Philadelphia, PA
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