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Will Improving Adherence Optimize Medication Use?

Medication adherence is a problem receiving widespread attention, however, it is not the most frequent type of medication-related problem. Understanding the full scope of medication-related problems in health care is necessary. Learn more here. (Source: JMCP Volume 22 Issue 5, May 2016)[...]

GSK Accused Of Taking Advantage Of Patients in Pain

GlaxoSmithKline has been selling two products with the identical formulation, however, the one being marketed to people suffering from osteoarthritis is priced 20% higher. How do they attempt to justify this? Find out here. (Source: Charilie Mitchell, well&good, 4/3/16)[...]

Dr Patti Peeples Receives Alumni Of the Year Award

The University of Mississippi Department of Pharmacy Administration recently named HealthEconomic.Com's CEO and Founder, Dr. Patti Peeples, as Alumnus of the Year. Dr. Peeples will be accepting the award in June from Donna West Strum, RPh, PhD, Chair and Professor of the UM Department of Pharmacy Ad[...]

Could a New ICER Report Put Patients at Risk?

Patient-Caregiver and Blogger, Lori Puente recently wrote on her blog, Riding the Wave- Multiple Myeloma, about ICER's recent 139 pg draft report evaluating Multiple Myeloma, Treatment Options for Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma: Effectiveness and Value. In ICER EPIC FAIL, Puente addresses w[...]

Take This Survey for a Chance to Win $200!

Your input is needed! Managed Healthcare Executive, in partnership with Access Market Intelligence and the National Institute of Collaborative Healthcare, is seeking your opinion on the current state of pharmacy. Take the 2016 National Managed Care Pharmacy survey and you could win a $200 Visa gift [...]

New CVS and Express Scripts Value Based Plans for Oncology

CVS and Express Scripts recently announced new plans to determine price and access to cancer drugs based on value. Learn more about these plans and others, such as Memorial Sloan Kettering's Drug Abacus here. (Source: Tracey Walker, 4/3/16)[...]

Oversized Cancer Drug Vials Waste $3B Each Year

Researchers from Memorial Sloan kettering Cancer Center analyzed the top 20 infused cancer drugs dosed on body size and packaged in single-dose vials and found that drug manufacturers will earn almost $3 Billion from left over drugs. The researchers  have proposed a requirement that manufacturers p[...]

Can More Data Make Providers’ Jobs Easier?

FierceHealthPayer talks with Cigna's Lynn Garbee about how the company presents information in ways that make providers' jobs easier. Read more here. (Source: Leslie Small, FierceHealthPayer, 4/22/16)[...]

Data Is Driving the Transformation in Care Delivery

Loads and loads of data - that's what is needed by the healthcare industry as it transitions from fee-for-service to value-based care. In this special report, FierceHealthPayer speaks to Lynn Garbee, Cigna's senior director for value-based reimbursement and collaborative care. Read more here. (Sourc[...]

A Roundtable Discussion Addressing Rising Pharma Costs

Listen to the Roundtable Discussion with Key Opinion Leaders and the recent AMCP Annual Meeting, Addressing Rising Costs of Specialty Pharmaceuticals here. (Source: Aubrey Westgate, Managed Healthcare Executive, 4/19/16)[...]

Managing Specialty Drugs and Alternative Payment Models

During the recent Academy of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting, Michael Ellis and Fauzea Hussain discussed Dimensions of Managing Specialty Drugs in Current and Evolving Alternative Payment Models. Learn more here. (Source: Mari Edlin, Managed Healthcare Executive, 4/22/16)[...]

3 Drug Trends Affecting Specialty Pharmacy

Aimee Tharaldson from Express Scripts, recently presented at the Academy of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting, in a session, Specialty Pharmaceutical in Development, where she noted three trends affecting specialty pharmacy. See more here. (Source: Mari Edlin, Managed Healthcare Exe[...]

Four New Oncology Alternative Payment Models

Stakeholders are increasingly reviewing four key oncology alternative payment models. Learn more about them here. (Source: F. Randy Vogenberg, Managed Healthcare Executive, 4/22/16)[...]

The World Needs More Insurance Warriors

After fighting her insurance company over treatment for her appendix cancer, Laurie Todd has found her calling. She now battles insurance companies who refuse to pay for medical procedures, on behalf of the patient, and is known as the Insurance Warrior. She has won an amazing 165 of the 169 cases s[...]

AMCP Call for CPE Proposals Ending Soon

The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) will be accepting proposals for continuing pharmacy education through Sunday, May 1, 2016. Interested? See here for more details. (Source: AMCP, 2016)[...]

Check Out These Outcomes Research Books From ISPOR

This series of outcomes research books are products of ISPOR Special Interest Groups (SIG). These books are excellent resources for health care outcomes researchers and decision makers and are now available for purchase.Reliability and Validity of Data Sources for Outcomes Research & Disease and[...]

AMCP Outlines Changes to Format for Formulary Submissions

The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy recently released its updated Format for Formulary Submission, Version 4.0. Read more here. (Source: NPC, 4/21/16)[...]

ACOs Do Not Work and Here Is Why

Accountable care organizations (ACO's) came with a promise to save us! Save the government, save physicians, save patients and save money! Read more here on why this is not what is happening. (Source: Anish Koka, The Health Care Blog, 4/25/16)[...]

Top 10 Ted Talks on Public Health

Ted Talks are great places to find inspiration for our daily lives, as well as our professional lives. We have compiled these videos to help inspire you in our pursuit of a career in Public Health. Some of the concepts, and ideas in these lectures are pretty radical, revolutionary, and hopefully ins[...]

6 Ways Trumpcare Differs From Obamacare?

How does Trumps healthcare plan differ from Obamacare? See six key differences here. (Source: Joseph Mack, Managed Healthcare Executive, 4/19/16)[...]

Event Highlights From AMCP 2016 Annual Meeting

Cost was a key focus at AMCP 2016, with all members of industry raising a range of questions and concerns for how cost affects pharmaceuticals. See here for a more in depth look at some of the specific discussions and studies that took up the issue of cost within the industry. Following are som[...]

Community Based Health Plans Designing Alternative Payment Models

A new issue brief from the Alliance of Community Health Plans, describes overall best practices that can apply to both integrated delivery models and plans that contract with outside providers. Find out more about the strategies the brief recommends here. (Source: Leslie Small, FierceHealthPayer, 4[...]

Specialty Pharmacy Highlights at AMCP Annual Meeting

AMCP recently began their most ambitious specialty pharmacy pre-meeting program, the inaugural Specialty Pharmacy Connect. Learn more here. (Source: Susan Cantrell, Managed Healthcare Executive, 4/18/16)[...]

A Closer Look at Cancer Drug Value Assessment Tools

Both the ASCO and the NCCN have recently made attempts to address the affordability issue in cancer care and measure the value of cancer therapies. Learn more about the offerings and limitations of these oncology value tools here. (Source: Jennifer Chang, Managed Healthcare Executive, 4/20/16)[...]

Lowering Costs and Improving Care in ACOs

In a recent session at AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting, presenters highlighted the role of the pharmacist in ACOs. How can integrating pharmacists into accountable care organizations (ACOs) help lower costs and increase quality care? See more here. (Source: First Report Man[...]

ISPOR Welcomes New Chief Science Officer

ISPOR recently announced a new Chief Science Officer appointment. Find out more about Richard Willke, his past experiences and his future with ISPOR here. (Source: ISPOR, 2016)[...]

Do Higher Prices Translate Into Greater Perceived Effectiveness?

Manufacturers set prices that best represent their products value, but do higher prices really translate into greater perceived therapeutic effectiveness with payers? Learn more here. (Source: Journal of Clinical Pathways, April 2016)[...]

Who Pays in US Health Care Spending?

In the past 50 years, the way health care is financed has changed, with private payers and public insurance paying for more care. This interactive graphic shows who paid for the nation's health care and how much it cost. Click on the play button and watch as things change through the years. See here[...]

New Database Studies Cancer Care Costs for England

In this study, researchers generated a new database for the analysis of the costs of cancer in England similar to the SEER-Medicare in the United States. Learn more here. (Source: British Journal of Cancer (2016), 1-7)[...]

New Report: the Competitive Biopharmaceutical Market Controls Costs

A new report from IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics claims the competitive biopharmaceutical market is working when it comes to controlling costs. Read more here. (Source: Holly Campbell, PhRMA, 4/14/16)[...]


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