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Will the Biosimilar Market Follow in the Steps of Generics?

Many are speculating on the affect that biosimilars will have on the pricing of pharmaceuticals. Will they promote the same cost-savings as generics? Where will their paths parallel or diverge? Read more here. (Source: Anna Rose Welch, Bioprocess Online, 8/12/15)[...]

What do You Need to Know About Specialty Pharmacy & Biosimilars?

Relentless Health Value Episode 51: Podcast with Ray Rede from Armada Health Care explains what you need to know about specialty pharmacy & biosimilars. Podcast available here. (Source: relentlesshealthvalue)[...]

Insurers Empower Members with Improved Price Transparency Tools

According to a new issue brief from America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), more insurers are launching transparency initiatives to engage their members in making more informed choices about their healthcare. See here for three ways to make your initiative more meaningful and beneficial to members.[...]

Why You Need to Register for NPC’s Health Care Quality Measures Course

The National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC), in partnership with the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, recently announced the launch of a new educational course addressing quality measurement.  Learn more here on why you should register. (Source: NPC, 8/25/15)[...]

Asia Sees Growth in Medical Writing Due to Outsourcing

Overall growth in outsourcing in clinical research organizations (CROs) has led to the development of medical writing hubs in China, Japan and India. Take a closer look at this emerging profession in each of these locations, here. (Source: Dr Julia Cooper, PAREXEL)[...]

Can a Powerpoint Magically Make Any Data True?

When was the last time you double checked data you read in some journal, were shown in a powerpoint presentation, or watch on a special TV report? How do we sort thru bias and decipher truth from fiction? Read more here, and take a look at these cartoons drawn on biases in working with data. (Source[...]

Can Healthcare Companies Do Well by Doing Good?

Structural changes in healthcare delivery and consumer options - within both managed care (payers) and hospitals and caregivers (providers) - are leading to aligned incentives for better health outcomes and slower cost growth, dispute what the popular press says. Read more here. (Source: ValueWalk, [...]

How Could the Cadillac Tax Affect Your Employer’s Health Plan?

Hari Sreenivasan and Brian Marcotte, CEO of the National Business Group on Health, discuss to Cadillac Plan Tax and why a growing number of U.S. employers are more tightly managing employees' use of prescription drugs next year. Read more here. (Source: WJCT, 8/17/15)[...]

Where are Health Economics Teams Getting Their Funding?

Cutting Edge Information's recent study, "Building World-Class HEOR Teams: Creating Convincing Value Proposition for Payers," takes a look at the funding of health economics teams, finding a growing number of teams have dedicated budgets. See more here. (Source: MarketWatch, 8/19/15)[...]

Does the FDA Know How to Say NO?

The U.S. FDA is showing an unprecedented record at approving pharmaceuticals. So what's the story - are they doing their job better? or not well enough? Read more here. (Source: Matthew Herper, Forbes, 8/20/15)[...]

Diplomat’s Summer Internship Program a Success!

Diplomat Pharmacy Inc. recently hired 10 Fellows and 25 Interns for a 12-week summer Internship and Fellowship Program. The summer programs not only allowed students to work on challenging projects with some of the best minds in the business, but also provided opportunities, in its Fellowship for So[...]

Do Americans Support Government Price Negotiation?

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently released findings from the Kaiser Health Tracking poll reflecting Americans' dissatisfaction with pharmaceutical pricing. Are new drugs improving health? Is pharma putting profits before people? Find out how Americans have to say about this and more, here. (Sour[...]

Humana – Using Analytics to Improve Health Outcomes

Health insurer, Humana, has made analytics a foundational piece of its clinical operations and consumer engagement efforts, with strong results - improving quality of life at a lower cost. Read more here. (Source: Ann All, Predictive Analytics Times, 8/22/15)[...]

IMS Health Announces Availability of Nexxus Mobile Intelligence 11

IMS Health recently announced the availability of Nexxus Mobile Intelligence 11, specifically designed for the Life Sciences industry, allowing companies to simplify their IT architecture while providing maximum flexibility to users. Find out more here. (Source: MarketWatch, 8/24/15)[...]

Massachusetts Breaks New Ground with State-Level Price Caps

Massachusetts lawmakers are proposing new legislation regarding disclosures about pharma's pricing decisions and could actually lead to price caps on specialty medications. Find out more here. (Source: Tracy Staton, FiercePharma, 8/13/15)[...]

Springer Retracts 64 Fake Peer Review Papers

One of the world's largest academic publishers, Springer, recently retracted 64 articles in the latest "fake peer review" episode. Who was behind these rigged reviews and how long has it been going on? Learn more here. (Source: Sarah Kaplan, The Washington Post, 8/18/15)[...]

5 Questions Pharma Companies Should Answer About Pricing and Value

How can the U.S. insure the protection of innovation while so desperately seeking price reform? Or, will drug pricing headlines and hysterics continue to smoother innovative sources? Read more here. (Source: John Osborn, David Beier, Merv Turner, Forbes, 8/13/15)[...]

Is the Current Pharmaceutical Pricing Model Coming to an End in the U.S.?

Dramatic changes in bringing drugs to market are forcing pharmaceutical companies to look at new strategies for survival. Are the times of super-high prices coming to an end? See more here. (Source: David Sell,, 8/11/15)[...]

Uwe Reinhardt’s Take on the Moral Dilema of High-Priced Medicine in the U.S.

Princeton Prof. Uwe Reinhardt covered the moral dilemma of high-priced medicine in a recent story for the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). More here. (Source: David Sell,, 8/17/15)[...]

How is Medicare Part D Saving Lives?

The University of Illinois at Urbana recently added new research to the growing body of literature finding a mortality reduction in the elderly following the implementation of Medicare Part D. Learn more about key findings here. (Source: Andrew Powaleny, PhRMA, 8/24/15)[...]

Why are Biosimilars Lacking Support in the U.S.?

Biosimilar development in the U.S. has been lagging significantly behind the rest of the world. Why are physicians and patient advocacy groups not supporting biosimilars? Read more here. (Source: Kathleen P. Wolff, First Report Managed Care, July 2015)[...]

CMTP Recommends Coverage for NGS Panels in Oncology

The Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP) recently released initial health insurance coverage guidelines for Next Generation Sequencing based testing in oncology. Learn more about the initial draft NGS coverage guidelines, now available for public comment, here. (Source: PR Newswire, 8/17/15)[...]

How Will New FDA Guidance Change Orphan Drug Development?

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released draft guidance aimed at helping drug makers with common issues encountered in the development of drugs to treat rare diseases. Find out more here. (Source: Michael Mezher, RAPS, 8/17/15)[...]

How Does the NPC View Drug Pricing Value Assessment Methods in the U.S.?

National Pharmaceutical Council's Chief Science Officer and Executive Vice President, Dr. Robert Dubois, recently sat down with Dr. Patti Peeples of HealthEconomics.Com to discuss Drug Value Frameworks, ETAP, and NPC's research agenda for comparative effectiveness. Here the NPC's viewpoint on drug p[...] Leads to Frightening Discovery

A recent PLoS ONE study looking at reported clinical trial results, has shown a big change since the launch of the clinical registry, with positive effect reports falling from 57% to a meager 8%. Read more here. (Source: Chris Woolston,, 8/13/15)[...]

Express Scripts Rx Spending Report Card

Express Scripts Holding Company recently released new data showing public exchange participants spent less money on medications in the first quarter of 2015 than the first quarter of 2014, with 42% of all Rx spending coming from specialty medications. Read more about other findings here. (Source: B[...]

Request for Manuscript Submission – New Publication Launch Fall 2015 “Journal of Clinical Pathways”

Introducing Journal of Clinical Pathways (JCP) – a new peer-reviewed publication, launching this fall, that will serve as a forum for the exciting exchange of data, research, insights, and perspectives in the pursuit of attaining quantifiable value in healthcare. The mission of this peer-revi[...]

Don’t Miss The Fundamentals of HEOR for Effective and Successful Writing

Dr. Patti Peeples, CEO of HealthEconomics.Com; Principal Researcher of HE Institute will be giving a webinar, Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR) - 101, The Fundamentals of HEOR for Effective and Successful Writing. The webinar is the first in a series of 6 webinars, and will be held on [...]

Profits vs. Patients: How Important is the Trans-Pacific Partnership to Pharma?

The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post comment on the TTP and the importance of reaching a trade deal that protects U.S. innovation and economic growth. Read more here. (Source: PhRMA, 8/11/15)[...]

Could an All-Payer Rate Setting Model Work for the U.S.?

The complexity of numerous insurer payment methods in the United States has shown many consequences, but are there alternatives? Read about two alternatives and if they would work for U.S. here. (Source: AMA, 8/2015)[...]


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