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Shkreli – the Best Thing to Happen to Congress in Years

After appearing before the U.S. Congress, Martin Shkreli has inadvertently helped to increase Congress’s approval rating. Read more here. (Source: Andy Horowitz, The New Yorker, 2/4/16)[...]

Have Generics Been Infected With the Pricey Drug Trend?

According to a recent opinion piece published in the journal of the American Society of Hematology, Blood, as pharmaceutical companies continue to value profit over long-term utility to society, they are using several strategies to keep affordable generic drugs off the market. Read more here. (Sourc[...]

Fight With Or Adapt to Rising Drug Prices?

The 2016 National Health Policy Conference saw a hot debate on rising drug prices, the effect on the healthcare system, consumer push-back, and possible solutions during a panel. Find out more here. (Source: Surabhi Dangi-Garimella,, 2/3/16)[...]

Apply for 2016 AFPE Gateway Research Scholarships Today!

Nominate promising pre-professional degree pharmacy students or baccalaureate degree students currently enrolled in an ACPE accredited School of Pharmacy to participate in a faculty-mentored research project. General information, eligibility criteria, instructions and the online application can be f[...]

Aetna to Move to Value-Based Payment Model

Aetna Inc and the Delaware Valley Accountable Care Organization (DVACO) have recently reached an agreement aimed to improve quality, efficiency, and the patient experience. Learn more. (Source: First Report Managed Care, 2/3/16)[...]

How Important Is Health Economic Modeling in a HTA Submission?

One area of a HTA submission that has always been incredibly technical is the Health Economic modeling, but how important is it? Read more here. (Source: Samad Azad, 1/29/16)[...]

How Important Is Genetic Testing in Oncology Care?

Pennsylvania-based Independence Blue Cross recently announced plans to cover a complex type of genetic testing for some cancer patients. How helpful is this to current patients? How much will it cost? Read here. (Source: Julie Appleby, USA Today, 2/3/16)[...]

ICER to Assess CER and Value Of Diabetes Prevention Programs

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) recently announced plans to develop a report assessing the comparative effectiveness and value of diabetes prevention programs. Learn more here. (Source: ICER, 2/2/16)[...]

12% Growth Expected for Orphan Drug Sales

According to a recent Evaluate report, worldwide sales of orphan drugs will likely grow at a 12% CAGR over the next five years. See more here. (Source: MM&M, 2/3/16)[...]

How Do You Feel About Co-Pay Programs?

Perhaps the best way to analyze the potential future of cop-pay programs is to look at all the players. Who likes co-pay cards? And who does not? Read more here. (Source: Mike Boken, MM&M, 2/3/16)[...]

Express Scripts’ Steve Miller Talks Innovative Pricing

Steve Miller, Express Scripts’ chief medical officer, talks about how the company is changing the world of pharmaceutical pricing, its plans for its Oncology Value Program and more. Read more here. (Source: MM&M, 2/1/15)[...]

Exploring the Design Of Health State Valuation Studies

Two recently published articles explore the design of health state valuation studies, both articles based on a wider study funded by the EuroQol Research Foundation. Find out more here. (Source: Office of Health Economics, 2/2/16)[...]

5 Things You Should Do With EQ-5D Data?

EQ-5D is the most widely used measure of patient reported outcomes (PROs) around the world, but are often under-reported, and inadequately analyzed. For anyone collecting or reporting EQ-5D data, here are some recommendations. Read more. (Source: Nancy Devlin, Office of Health Economics, 1/29/16)[...]

CMS Proposes Changes to ACO Benchmarks

The CMS wants to change the way it evaluates whether accountable care organizations (ACOs) actually save money, by analyzing trends in regional fee-for-service costs. Read more. (Source: Virgil Dickson, Modern Healthcare, 1/28/16)[...]

Market Access & RWE Content Library

eyeforpharma has been interviewing various experts on how they’ve overcome the challenge of payers and providers continually clamping down on innovation and costs, through truly patient-centric, data-heavy market access models. See their answers here along with interviews, audio recordings, pres[...]

Hepatitis C Price Negotiations – Here We Go Again!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved Merck & Co Inc’s new hepatitis C drug, Zepatier. Pharmacy benefit managers are now expecting more leverage in price negotiations. Zepatier has been priced at $54,600 for a 12-week regimen. Read more here. (Source: First Report Managed Car[...]

Should Prescription Drug Commercials Be Banned?

The American Medical Association recently voted to ban prescription drug commercials. Currently, the United States and New Zealand are the only countries in the world that allow direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs. Read more here. (Source: MINDS, 11/18/15)[...]

5 Things You Should Know About Clinical Pathways

Standardizing treatment, avoiding waste, helping clinical decisions when faced with multiple care options, improving the quality of care, and controlling costs—this is what clinical pathways aim to achieve. However, pathways are a work in progress and the field is concurrently learning and evolvin[...]

Who’s Making Money Off Your Medical Records?

IMS Health is the dominant player in the media-data-trading industry. It seems that in today’s technological world, there really is no such thing as anonymity. Take a look at this multibillion-dollar business, what could go wrong and where to draw the line here. (Source: Adam Tanner, Scientific A[...]

Bernie Sanders Blocks FDA Nominee With Big Pharma Ties

Sen. Bernie Sanders recently announced a hold on Dr. Michael Califf’s appointment to head the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), citing Califf’s close ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Read more here. (Source: Zach Cartwright, U.S. Uncut, 1/26/16)[...]

Q&a With Novartis’ Global Head Of RWE

eyeforpharma recently spoke to Michael Seewald, VP & WorldWide Head of Real World Evidence at Novartis, about the changing uses of real world evidence in market access, drug discovery and HTA efforts for the pharma industry. Find out what Michael had to say here. (Source: Aidan Brian, eyeforphar[...]

Bernie Sanders Blocks FDA Nominee With Big Pharma Ties

Sen. Bernie Sanders recently announced a hold on Dr. Michael Califf's appointment to head the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), citing Califf's close ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Read more here. (Source: Zach Cartwright, U.S. Uncut, 1/26/16)[...]

Top Journal Editors, Transparency Resistance, and Outcomes Switching

The New England Journal of Medicine and the Annals of Internal Medicine, have recently come under fire for their conflicted interests and resistance to transparency which is contributing greatly to the contamination and mistrust of medical literature. Read more. (Source: HealthNewsReview, 1/25/16)[...]

New Value Based Guidelines Released for Prostate and Breast Cancers

Families USA and ICER recently released guidelines to help patients choose screening methods and treatments for prostate and breast cancers according to value. What has been the response of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)? Find out more here. (Source: Journal of Clinical Pathways[...]

A How to Guide to Hike Prices and Lower Tax Liability – From Pfizer

Pfizer Inc is taking more and more from the American people in a new move to get out of paying U.S. taxes, Pfizer Inc is planning a merger with Ireland-based Allergen Plc, and has raised U.S. prices considerably for more than 100 of its drugs. Not only are they running away from the responsibility t[...]

A Closer Look at Pharmaceutical Brand Spending

A recent Cutting Edge Information study asked pharmaceutical companies to describe what activities a brand's budget supported during specific phases of product development. Find out more here. (Source: Victoria Cavicchi, Cutting Edge)[...]

Has Obama Care Lowered Your Standard Of Living?

Many Americans are finding that despite being covered by Obamacare, paying for health care, when needed is still out of reach. Read more. (Source: Devon M Herrick, The Health Care Blog, 1/21/16)[...]

5 Ways to Tell a Value Story With Data

Tracy Altman explains the importance of telling a value story, not a data story - and shares five steps to communicating a powerful message with data. See more here. (Source: Evidence Soup, 10/14/15)[...]

The Current and Projected Taxpayer Shares Of US Health Costs

This report found that contrary to public perceptions and official Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimates, government funds most health care in the United States. Appreciation of this might encourage more appropriate and equitable targeting of health expenditures. PDF available here. ([...]

Do Observational Studies Exaggerate RT Benefits in Breast Cancer?

 “A meta-analysis of the randomized trials yielded a 15% to 20% reduction in the hazard for disease-specific mortality and about a 10% reduction in overall mortality for radiotherapy following breast-conserving surgery or mastectomy...In contrast, observational studies showed about a 35% reductio[...]


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