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We have replaced the Consulting Page with the more complete, interactive, searchable HE Business Directory.

HE Business Directory


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The HE Business Directory


  • Generate leads
  • Reach buyers
  • Market your company, even when you're not
  • Flexible, customizable, and easy to use


Stand Out - Exactly Where You Want To.
The HE Business Directory


Directory listings allow you to showcase your company, exactly how you want to.  Listings include:


  • Company overview
  • Company logo
  • Select your area of expertise and highlight your company focus
  • Searchable category listings
  • Photo Gallery
  • File uploads
  • Embed video into your listing
  • Geographic location through Google Maps
  • Website
  • Contact information (email and telephone)
  • Social media with users able to share your listing
  • Users can create and manage Watch Lists
  • Add client testimonials


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