Can You Draw 7 Perpendicular Red Lines Using Green & Transparent Ink? Ask The Expert!

A Hilarious Sketch About The Pain Of Being The Only Engineer In A Business Meeting

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Cartoons: Framed for Medical Office

Great gifts.

Fun Friday’s Cartoon Of The Day!

Political Cartoon: 'Tally Oh?' By Harley Schwadron

Fun Friday’s Cartoonist’s Take on Managed Care

Health Care Cartoons

As the health reform debate has heated up, editorial cartoonists have sharpened their pencils and gotten to work. Click thumbnails to enlarge.

Managed Care Jokes

Managed Care Jokes Archive

MDHumor.Com – Humor in Medicine? You Must Be Kidding!

Website for Dr. Silverstein is one of the few physicians in the nation who also works as a professional standup comedian. You can also click here to get a "Joke of the Week" via email.

Medical Care Cartoons

"Medical care" cartoon page from the CartoonStock directory.

Medical Cartoons and Jokes

Medical Cartoons from Off-the-Mark

Great list of cartoons for presentations, and great gifts.

Medical Jokes

Medical Jokes from AHA

Medical jokes and humor, relating to patients, doctors, nurses, insane patients, about medicine in general, and more!

Nursefriendly Medical Jokes

PassTheBoards.Com: More Medical Humor

More from Dr. Stu Silverstein.

Pharma Sales Rep spoof

Hysterical video on Pharma Sales Reps by Eyeforpharma. I love these guys!

Taking As Directed, Medical Jokes, Doctor Humor:

The New Yorker Book of Doctor Cartoons

The Oatmeal

The Placebo Chronicles: Strange But True Tales From the Doctors

In this admittedly vulgar but entertaining compilation, family physician Farrago brings together some of the most ridiculous doctor jokes and real-life medical stories sent in by readers of his bi-weekly Placebo Journal.

Today’s Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen: Cartoons for newsletters, presentations, advertising, and more

Cartoons for newsletters, presentations, advertising, and more, well-focused on health, etc.

YouTube Video: Pharmaceutical Rep in a Psychiatrists Office


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