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PowerPoint Presentation by Dr. Joe Jackson,Applied Health Outcomes Research at Thomas Jefferson University. Proponents of Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) hope to challenge conventional thinking in evidence-based medicine, observational research design, patient-centered aspects in medical care, and health plan design applications such as Accountable Care Organizations. Inertia in healthcare practices and multiple chronic diseases will test the veracity of Comparative Effectiveness applications. This presentation covers history, context, governmental players, targets of CER including chronic illness, policy issues, stakeholders, and ACO issues.


This fact sheet describes awards made by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) in Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 to support trainees who are focusing on comparative effectiveness research. Funding to support these projects was provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment of 2009.

AHRQ Comparative Effectiveness Resources

Variety of White Papers, News, Methods Guides, and Databases to facilitate Comparative Effectiveness.

AMCP eDossier System

The AMCP eDossier System is a centralized, secure, web-based platform, that provides qualified health care decision makers the opportunity to easily access, review, and evaluate research to make informed, evidence-based decisions.

AMCP Format for Formulary Submissions

A Format for Submission of Clinical and Economic Evidence of Pharmaceuticals in Support of Formulary Consideration. FMCP Format Executive Committee. (Source: Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy, Jan. 2010)

AMCP’s Pre-Conference Comparative Effectiveness Research Certificate Program

AMCP, PRIME Release First YouTube Video on Comparative Effectiveness Research

And The Winner Of The Informatica Innovation Award Is…… ICON!

Are U.S. Cancer Patients Receiving Better Care Than Europeans?

Assessing Comparative Effectiveness Research in the US

by Cohen et al., who support a pluralistic system of CER analyses with a clearinghouse for systematic reviews conducted by multiple evidence-based practice centers, each uniquely suited to its constituency. (Source: Applied Health Economics & Health Policy: December 2009)

Assessing the Need to Update Comparative Effectiveness Research Reviews

Sign up to receive draft methods.(Source: AHRQ, Nov. 2009)

Barriers And Opportunities Of Big Data

Baucus Bill Gives Industry Larger Role in CE Research

Baucus’s Bill and the Long Road to Reform

"...the administration considers Baucus’s bill the most promising vehicle for crafting a compromise, because it is less costly than the alternatives approved by four other congressional committees and is the most palatable to influential private stakeholders." (Source: Iglehart JK, NEJM, September 2009)

CEA Registry Blog

Welcome to the CEA Registry Blog by the Center for the Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health, Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA. We have developed this blog to encourage interactivity among our users by allowing readers to post comments and questions about the Registry. The forum of this blog ranges from posting brief online updates to more in-depth content, enabling our users to be in-the-know about new developments and resources. We invite all comments and suggestions.

CER – What Happens When The Patient Is Not Your “Average” Patient?

CER Gaining Importance

Challenging a Sacred Cow: The Top-Down Approach to Comparative Effectiveness

Blog posting by Nick Emptage,, describing CER goals, considerations (statistical sig, measured effect meaning, whether comparisons are valid).

Characteristics of Published Comparative Effectiveness Studies of Medications

Only 32% of medication studies published in top medical journals compared the effectiveness of existing treatments, and active-comparator trials were less likely than trials with inactive controls to report positive results. (Source: Michael Hochman, MD; Danny McCormick, MD, MPH, JAMA, 2010;303(10):951-958)

Clinical Trial Simulations With Mathematical Models: Applications to Generate Comparative Effectiveness Research (PPT Presentation)

Presentation by Badri Rengarajan, M.D., Archimedes

Cochrane Collaboration

International network of more than 28,000 dedicated people from over 100 countries. We work together to help health care providers, policy-makers, patients, their advocates and carers, make well-informed decisions about health care, based on the best available research evidence, by preparing, updating and promoting the accessibility of Cochrane Reviews

Communicating About Comparative Effectiveness Research: A Health Affairs Symposium on the Issues

Comparative Clinical Effectiveness Research (CCER), Health Information Technology (HIT): Future Developments and Impact on Pharma and Providers

Presentation by Jean Paul Gagnon, PhD, Health Policy Consultant

Comparative Cost Effectiveness and Value-Based Purchasing: Why the Pharmaceutical and Medical-Surgical Device Industries Are Embracing the Coming Market Evolution

By Josh Feldstein. This white paper examines key factors in CER, and makes specific recomendations.

Comparative Effectiveness Analysis Using Simulated Treatment Comparison, PPT by L. Eckert

Presentation at ISPOR Europe, Nov. 2011 by Laurent Eckert, PhD, sanofi-aventis R&D, Massy, France

Comparative Effectiveness Database

The National Patient Advocate Foundation has launched a comparative-effectiveness research database (PDF) that compiles research funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality...The database was launched with information on 224 NIH research projects; a separate database catalogs information on 49 cancer-related comparative-effective research projects funded through the NIH...Also included in the database is information on 352 AHRQ research projects, 72 of which were paid for with stimulus funds. (Source: (1/6, Andis Robeznieks, Modern Physician)

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) and Pharmaceutical Companies (PPT Presentation)

Excellent overview of the use of CER and HEOR

Comparative Effectiveness Research as a Drug Development Tool

Comparative Effectiveness Research blog posting in Healthcare Technology News

Healthcare has never been more enmeshed in the political moment. Ever since the announcement of Don Berwick to lead CMS, opposition centered around Berwick's supposed desire to ration care. Berwick's supporters argue that care is already rationed arbitrarily by insurers.


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