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HealthEconomics.Com has many advertising and promotional opportunities for every budget. 

HE Business Directory

The NEW HE Business Directory, a searchable, multi-faceted, search engine optimized Directory, allowing you to promote your organization, educational program, agency, product and more. Upload videos, corporate documents, website, contact information, and more. Track and watch companies. This replaces the HeathEconomics.Com Consulting Page, which has been discontinued. Make sure your listing is claimed today, and start promoting your organization to reach new buyers of your services. Appropriate for consulting companies, CROs, graduate programs, MCOs/PBMs, advertising/media/communications agencies, conference companies, specialty pharmacy groups, associations, medical writers, pharma HEOR departments/companies, Fellowships, HTA agencies, and more.


One of our most exciting new services, HE-Xpo, is a media-rich, fully interactive tradeshow environment that is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  Features include virtual conferencing through live webinars, an Exhibit Hall where you can showcase your products and services to HE-Xpo attendees, and powerful lead generation through real-time attendee profiling.  Raise the quality of your digital marketing to new heights.  Learn more about the many features available in HE-Xpo:

HE-XPO Meda Pak and Price List

HE-XPO Informational Video

New Services

HealthEconomics.Com also offers new services to expand our line of communication tools that reach your target audience.  Read about them here:

HealthEconomics.Com New Services

Email Strategies that Create Results

If you're interested in email marketing, HealthEconomics.Com's global positioning in the HEOR community reaches 20,000 professionals twice a week.  To help you get started crafting your message and achieve success, read Dr. Patti Peeples paper on Effective Email Strategies for the HEOR Audience.  Download it now for free!

To download your Media Pak fill in the form below.  

After you review the Media Pak, if you have questions, please contact us at  

Here's what advertisers are saying about HealthEconomics.Com. 

  • "HealthEconomics.Com has driven numerous visits to our website, some of which have directly translated into new business we could not have won any other way."  ~International Health Economics Consulting Company and 3-year Annual Partner.
  • "HealthEconomics.Com plays an important role in our ability to access the HEOR community...Patti and her team are responsive, flexible, and clearly knowledgeable about the HEOR landscape." ~Jeff Trotter, Executive Vice President, PharmaNet-i3 and 2-year Annual Partner
  • "HealthEconomics.Com provides a flexible assortment of year-round recruitment and marketing opportunities that have proven effective in helping us reach decision-makers."  ~Vice President, Xcenda and 4-year Annual Partner.
  • "HealthEconomics.Com services are exceptional due to their unique ability to target the HEOR community as well as their staff which goes over and beyond to deliver more than promised."  Sanjay Bajpai, MS, MBA, PhD, President, Institute of Pharmaceutical Management.
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